PurePressure Announces Release of the Axis, A Groundbreaking Trichome Separator for Hash Makers
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PurePressure Announces Release of the Axis, A Groundbreaking Trichome Separator for Hash Makers

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 10:00 AM
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The nation's leading maker of solventless extraction equipment has developed a product that promises to be a game changer for ice water hash production

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / June 2, 2021 / PurePressure, a leading manufacturer of solventless cannabis processing equipment, has unveiled a state-of-the-art trichome separator designed for use with popular hash-washing vessels. The Axis trichome separator features a motorized, stainless-steel paddle system that mimics traditional hand-paddle agitation but works without the need for manual intervention.

According to Ben Britton, owner and CEO of PurePressure, "Disconnecting the method of agitation from the vessel and being able to move vessels around on mobile dollies change the hash-washing game. You may now have stations in the lab specific for the task: fill station, filtration station, cleanup station, etc. This all adds up to create a more efficient lab space with more throughput."

A growing number of hashish makers are using ice water extraction because it allows for a more consistently pure and dab-friendly product. Cannabis is submerged in a large cylinder of ice water, which is then agitated to release the trichomes from the plant. Traditionally, the agitation is done by hand using specialized paddles, but this type of manual extraction can slow production and limit throughput. To account for this limitation, some manufacturers have started developing motorized trichome separators that automate the agitation process.

The Axis is revolutionary in this regard because it features a relocating head that allows the method of agitation to be disconnected from the wash vessel. The operator can transfer the head from one vessel to another to process batches continuously with no downtime. The company has created a promotional video to demonstrate how the device works and what sets it apart from other hash-washing equipment.

The Axis works with most Bruteless hash-washing vessels, including the 65-, 44- and 30-gallon vessels (sold separately), and it will output twice as much hash with the same amount of labor when compared to hand paddling. When used with multiple vessels, it can process up to 132 pounds (60,000 grams) of fresh frozen material per 9-hour shift.

The Axis trichome separator is now available for purchase at the PurePressure website, and it retails for $27,500 plus shipping. The company notes that most operations should be able to achieve a return on investment within 2 months or less. Anyone with questions about the Axis is encouraged to contact PurePressure.

About PurePressure

PurePressure is a 100% employee-owned, USA-based manufacturer of solventless processing equipment including rosin presses, hash-washing vessels, and rosin filter bags. Located in Denver, Colorado, the company is a pioneer in the solventless extraction market, with products designed to ensure the highest-quality cannabis concentrates with the highest yields.


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