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Why Are NP Swabs More Effective for COVID-19 Testing? Dr. John Berberian Weighs In

Tuesday, 01 June 2021 09:30 AM

Dr. John Berberian Weighs in on Why the New NP Swab NPSFlex™ Is Both Accurate and Easy to Use

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2020 / Dr. John Berberian is the principal investor/owner of 3D Medical Supplies, LLC and a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine. He's also long held a passion for diagnostics. When COVID-19 hit, the goal of his company located in Orlando, FL was to pivot as quickly as possible to ensure access to accurate testing.

It became clear early on that Nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs had an edge over the competition when it came to results. He looks at why they're more effective and how his new FDA-approved product, NPSFlex™, can be used to improve how COVID-19 tests are administered without compromising their accuracy.

NP Swabs and Testing Rates

The pandemic revealed a number of underlying problems with the healthcare system. Taking front and center (especially at the beginning) was our lack of medical supplies.

When a healthcare worker tests for COVID-19, they have a number of avenues available to them, and some are more accurate than others. Without the right supplies, they're forced to sacrifice accuracy for the sake of immediacy.

While the actual accuracy rates of each method vary based on how results are measured, experts agree that the NP swab is better than an Anterior Nasal or an Oral throat swab. This is because the samples pulled from the nasopharynx (also known as the upper part of the throat) are deeper than that of a shallow swab to the nose or throat. That depth makes it more likely to extract the virus if it's hiding under the surface.

Dr. John Berberian understands that all swabs are in search of the same infected cells. However, when COVID-19 infections can bury themselves deep in a cavity of the body, it all comes down to what tools you're using to retrieve them. If the virus has just taken hold of the body or it's an asymptomatic carrier, he can't afford to leave anything on the table.

The NPSFlex™ and COVID-19 Testing

Between stalled vaccine rates and new variants, COVID-19 testing will remain a critical part of the fight against the coronavirus for quite some time. 3D Medical Supplies, LLC has joined forces with Harvard University, local engineers, and other healthcare professionals to design and test the NPSFlex™. Their efforts are giving doctors the tools they need to face testing demand.

The NPSFlex™ is an injected molded nasal swab that can glide along the septum floor with no risk of breakage. Its high tensile strength combined with a bendable design makes it easy for healthcare professionals to use, an invaluable benefit when you consider how many tests they give per day.

Dr. John Berberian has always known that medical tools are an exercise in precision. They have to be made according to the disease or disorder, but it also needs to take into account the people that interact with the product. Both the tester and the person being tested want a streamlined interaction, one that doesn't take any longer than it needs to.

NP swabs are notoriously uncomfortable for patients, as they need to reach behind the nose to get a sample. It's led to people dreading getting tested or sometimes avoiding it altogether. When the NPSFlex™ was designed, patient comfort was a priority. Smooth to the touch, this product is a reliable and relatively hassle-free way to test people for COVID-19.

John Berberian on Supply Shortages

All over the country, medical professionals and patients alike have had to contend with how supplies are being distributed and why certain people are left out of the loop. Some areas had everything they needed (and more), while others languished during the worst parts of the pandemic.

This shortage exposure has led to a rallying cry in the US for equity in all healthcare facilities. 3D Medical Supplies, LLC is committed to finding ways to address this problem at a practical level. When designing the product,Dr. John Berberian looked for ways to adjust production to keep everyone on equal footing.

Medical supply shortages aren't always a consequence of heightened demand. When a supply chain is disrupted, the chain reaction it causes can affect multiple industries, professionals, and consumers. It's why the NPSFlex™ is made in the United States. This cuts through the import red tape that can halt or delay shipments and bypasses the export limitations from China entirely.

The Need for Results

Defeating the problem means attacking the coronavirus from all sides, which is why Dr. John Berberian is involved in different stages of the process. Millennia Advanced Scientific, LLC is the sister company of 3D Medical Supplies, LLC. and a COVID-19 tester for Central Florida residents. With a testing capacity of up to 3,000 per day, the state-of-the-art lab is designed to deliver accurate results within 24-hours.


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