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Rusty Tweed Offers Tips For Anyone Setting Up a Charity

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 12:45 PM

Looking to set up a charity or to get involved in charitable efforts? Successful investor Rusty Tweed has funded his own charitable efforts and is going to offer some tips.

SAN MARINO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2021 / Americans regularly lead the world when it comes to donating to charitable causes. A lot of people are familiar with the Gates Foundation and big charities, like Habitat for Humanity. However, there are tons of smaller organizations, like Rusty Tweed Giving, which was founded by successful investor Robert Tweed.

"One of the best things I have done in my life is setting up a charity," Rusty Tweed notes. "It's allowed me to make a difference, and I've learned a lot along the way. I also love sharing what I've learned with others."

Interested in setting up your own non-profit organization? The first step is to figure out where you should make an impact. It's wise to think of not just where you want to make an impact, but where you personally can make the biggest impact.

"Before setting up a charity, you should think of your own skills and abilities," Rusty Tweed says. "If you own a construction company, for example, getting involved with something like Habitat for Humanity makes a lot of sense. You'll know the industry, and you can contribute more than just money, you can provide knowledge and skill too."

It's also wise to think about where you can make a lasting impact. Donating canned goods, for example, can put food on the table tonight. Providing someone with skills training and helping them find a job can ensure that dinner is served for years to come.

"I often think about timelines when I donate or support a cause," Rusty Tweed notes, "I want to make a difference today, yes, but I always want to help tomorrow, and next year, and in 2050 too."

So when planning to make a difference, don't focus on today at the expense of tomorrow.

Rusty Tweed Talks About His Economics Scholarship

Getting the money needed to support a charitable cause takes a lot of work. Mr. Tweed's deep knowledge of finance and economics has allowed him to enjoy a long and successful career in investing, and now he can support charitable efforts.

"Knowledge is power, and it can provide financial security," Robert Tweed claims. "One of the reasons I offer a scholarship in economics and finance is because I know that such an education can open doors. And I hope I can support people who enjoy so much success that they can share the wealth in the future."

Financial markets are more important now than perhaps ever before. Whether you want to enjoy a career in real estate, business management, or the nonprofit sector, knowledge of finance and economics can create opportunities and open doors.

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SOURCE: Robert Tweed

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