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What It Means To Be A Money Coach, And How The Money Coach Academy Is Addressing A Need

Tuesday, 25 May 2021 00:00

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2021 / The Money Coaching Academy has one main objective in its operation: to make money coaches the norm. If personal trainers and lifestyle coaches are popular and well-employed in the cultural zeitgeist, why can't everyone also have a money coach to help them transform their relationship with money and improve their financial literacy?

Of course, for such an international and ambitious objective, The Money Coaching Academy ( requires coaches themselves. Thanks to technology, their program is not limited to Australia; anyone can partake in the academy's 12-week course, whether you are in the United States or across the country in Perth. The academy hopes to teach financial literacy that applies to every country and culture and having coaches that embody these different corners of the world is only better for their mission.

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So why should you become a money coach? A great thing is that the academy provides a certification that you can attach to any business you currently operate beneath! If you are a life coach, mortgage broker, accountant, or anyone with an interest in expanding further into finance, the course that The Money Coaching Academy offers is a perfect resource with which to achieve this ambition. With this money coaching side of your business, there is a likely chance that you will attract more clients that would previously not be available to you.

Of course, people often get apprehensive about going down a coaching path for finance. Finance can be a tenuous route to offer support in, as financial advisors need a special certification of their own-those looking to enter a field like money coaching often aren't sure what they are allowed to say or what they are supposed to say to clients. Thankfully, everything taught at The Money Coaching Academy is geared with this in mind. Because the academy offers training in behavioural finance, everything learned there is safe to offer to your own clients after certification. From budgeting to mental and behavioral coaching, the skills you learn are ones that clients don't need to spend thousands of dollars for with a financial advisor. You would be filling that niche.

What are some aspects of finance that you will be teaching clients? As a money coach, you work around EQ or emotional intelligence. You will learn about the blocks that keep clients from financial literacy and will understand the behavioral side of finance. Money coaches delve into their clients' personal relationships with money, perhaps related to past events or current inhibitions, and unlock solutions to break through these issues. Maybe a client had seen a relative fail in their business, and now feel that they will as well; these are the aspects of life that money coaches are versed in, helping clients overcome fears that financial advisors never typically touch upon. Mentalities are just as important as financial IQ, and keep people from economic success.

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If money coaching sounds like a fit for you, The Money Coaching Academy offers more information on their website. Here, you can sign up for the course straight away, and begin delving into an industry that is sure to be commonplace in the coming years. Money coaches fulfill a need that is shockingly vacant in today's society, and with your help, that need can be satisfied.

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