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The Solar Elite Updates its Business Operations and Paves Path for New Charitable Efforts

Monday, May 24, 2021 8:45 AM
DNA Brands Inc.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 24, 2021 / Shreya Arora, Freelance Journalist, India

DNA Brands Inc. (OTC:DNAX) is pleased to update that through its wholly owned subsidiary The Solar Elite, the company has actively begun bidding commercial contracts in its home state of Florida.

DNA Brands Inc., Monday, May 24, 2021, Press release picture

Management is working towards expanding its energy efficiency model by educating property owners about the environmental and fiscal (Federal Tax Credit) benefits of Solar energy and Green technologies. In its first phase, the company is targeting large scale commercial properties owners and established hotel chains, in South Florida and Nationwide. It has already begun high level discussions with several multichain hotel owners, which would represent millions in potential revenue.

In addition, the company has also initiated philanthropic efforts by striking a partnership between The Solar Elite and Givepower, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is a leader in creating sustainable energy water desalination installations in Third World countries.

This benevolent partnership will allow The Solar Elite and its customers to contribute towards providing relief for a number of issues plaguing the world, Clean Water Consumption, being its top priority. The company has pledged that for every customer whom they install a photovoltaic set-up; portions of the proceeds will be donated towards building a solar water desalination system. This will eventually be installed in impoverished areas across the globe. Through this process, alongside its business expansion, The Solar Elite is looking to lead the green technology market with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Solar Elite has subsequently started showcasing its energy efficiency model to commercial property owners and will highlight the financial and environmental benefits of this renewable source of energy. In this process they will also educate their customers about large sums of savings which each business owner would receive by opting for this mode of green technology.

In its efforts to acquire the newest technologies into its portfolio, The Solar Elite has also formed partnerships with Aptos Technology, to procure their enhanced Bifacial panels (solar cells on both sides) and Storz Power, for a better facility for deployment of battery systems.

Speaking about this new business model being a pinnacle in the energy industry, Adrian McKenzie-Patasar, CEO of DNA Brands said, "With this latest initiative, we are not only bringing hope to many underprivileged parts of the world, with clean drinking water, but also showcasing our ability to diversify alternative energy practices, focusing on the commercial aspect of the industry."

Through this new vertical of the Solar Elite, the company aims at supporting the lives of tens and thousands of people in search for a better and more progressive lifestyle. Andrew Ferrin, CEO of the Solar Elite says , "There is a lot of potential for businesses and property owners to reduce their energy costs by understanding the benefits of our energy efficiency analysis and opting for solar technology over the traditional mediums. In addition to benefiting the commercial world, we are also creating a philanthropic platform with, which will allow the effects of this alternative source of energy to be trickled down worldwide. We are excited and honored to be a leader in this green energy movement"

About DNA Brands Inc.

DNA Brands is a Holding company focused on emerging markets.

Since March 2020, the company has engaged in Solar Digital Marketing and Sales. In January 2021, the company Acquired majority ownership of DNA Tags™, a Blockchain verified Medicinal Packaging Technology, that will be actively marketed in various medicinal sectors.

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SOURCE: DNA Brands Inc.

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