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Okiano: Transforming the World of Digital Advertising

Friday, May 21, 2021 7:36 AM

"Okiano helps online shop owners drive high-quality traffic of interested shoppers to their online stores by automating, optimizing, and simplifying the entire digital publishing process."

RAMAT GAN, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2021 / Okiano is an Ecommerce PPC Management & digital advertising agency with a team of innovative enthusiasts dedicated to making business easier by developing cutting-edge technologies. Okiano uses advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to understand their client's stores and markets and then automatically creates Google Ads campaigns at scale.

Okiano Marketing, Friday, May 21, 2021, Press release picture

Okiano Marketing has developed artificial intelligence Natural Language Processing technology to help Retail brands get on the first page of Google. Their proprietary technology generates Google Ads campaigns, which are fully optimized for keywords, ads, and store landing pages, ensuring a high-quality score and a low cost per click (CPC), resulting in lower advertising spend and increased revenue, and higher ROAS.

With over 10 million ads created & tested so far and continually crafting new Google Ads in every product category, Okiano is increasing the Sales & Revenue and improving the ROAS for their online eCommerce customers by automating the advertising on Google Ads.

Their technology systematically manages their client's Campaigns, Optimizes Ads Performance continuously, chooses relevant Ads, associated Keywords, and advertising strategies to improve sales and revenue results constantly. Online retailers using Okiano technology are now generating hundreds of thousands in revenue at profitable margins.

Unlike many alternatives, the technology performs many of the labor-intensive PPC Expert work. Okiano will

  1. Create the Ads
  2. Find the most relevant keywords
  3. Select corresponding store landing pages
  4. Rotate the advertised Ads for optimizing the Keyword-Ad-Store landing page experience by A/B testing for increased quality score
  5. Create excellent Google Shopping Campaigns with mapping to Google Categories, Addressing all of the product features
  6. Reduce PPC costs and Improve bottom-line performance!

Okiano constantly produces effective, great-looking Ads! It's completely automatic. The Automated AI eCommerce advertising technology integrates with their customer's online stores to create hundreds or even thousands of excellent-looking Google Search and Google Shopping Ads. These Ad Campaigns are uploaded to the customer Google Ads to generate quality traffic of interested users.

Okiano is using advanced Natural Language Processing technology to perform Keyword Research that is highly relevant to the Store Products and correlates these Keywords against Google API to identify sales potential and bid costs. These keywords are then used to drive high-quality traffic of consumers that are likely to be interested in their customer's store products.

Ads created by Creative Magic, and Keywords identified by Smart Keywords, are combined to create excellent campaigns and Ad Groups on Google Ads to ensure advertising of all the products and categories of the customer's store content. The unique technology takes advantage of its ability to process large number of items and thus targets Ads URLs to family of products rather than a single product, increasing the chances of a consumer making a conversion. The Keyword -> Ad - > Store Landing Page is optimized to ensure high Quality-Score and low CPC rates.

The Okiano team uses sophisticated methods for identifying new keywords derived from user searches and associating them to the Ads and store landing pages. These keywords are then used to trigger Google Search and Google Shopping Ads that will in turn drive relevant shoppers to the store, and increase their clients' sales and scale their business in a competitive landscape.


Led by a team of experts in PPC advertising, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Software Product Development, and Digital Marketing, The Okiano team are innovation enthusiasts dedicated to making business easier by developing cutting-edge technologies. Their new concept for marketing automation is based on advanced proprietary machine learning algorithms; it continuously collects data and builds knowledge, training the Automated Marketing Engine "Advertisement Robot" with over 10,000,000 ads so far and constantly growing with updating of new ads in every product category. They see Okiano pushing forward online shops in every domain while continually improving premium advertising technologies.

Okiano is here to give value to the Online Retailer with a Large Variety of Ads optimized to Drive Sales at a Low Cost.


Name: Ofer Hendin
Business Name: Okiano Marketing
Address: 20 Tuval St. Ramat Gan, 5252247, Israel
Phone : +972 52-552-2608
Email : [email protected]

SOURCE: Okiano Marketing

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