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How Coderbyte Is Improving the Remote Candidate Experience

Thursday, 20 May 2021 16:20

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2021 / It's no longer uncommon for workers to join a company, have thriving careers, and leave all without meeting any colleagues in person. That's the beauty of a global world connected by the Internet. Yet not all jobs and positions translate effortlessly to remote interviewing and evaluation processes. And remote hiring is notoriously fraught with pitfalls.

Consider the case of software engineers, front-end developers, or similar roles. In a virtual forum, it's not always easy to vet these kinds of candidates. After all, most organizations want to see more than resumes and references to make their final choices.

As a result, companies often resort to creating unique interview systems and processes for each technical role. Though their efforts may produce sporadic results, they tend to lack efficiency. Plus, they're highly time-consuming to monitor and track.

Another issue related to remote sourcing, choosing, and onboarding IT and similar personnel involves the interview itself. Conducting an initial conversation over the phone can push the process forward. However, follow-up Zoom or FaceTime interviews tend to fall short when it comes to valuable interactions.

Does that mean businesses must limit themselves to only local applicants for engineering, developer, and coding roles? Not at all. Organizations can broaden and strengthen their remote recruitment abilities by partnering with groundbreaking hiring providers, including Coderbyte.

A tech-savvy recruitment gameplan that changes the game

The Coderbyte platform serves as an all-in-one portal for the management and hiring of technical candidates like data scientists and software developers. The company's focus and core strength lie in streamlining systems and workflows to reduce friction and improve everyone's experience.

Having a better candidate experience encourages new remote employees to stick around. With less turnover to worry about, organizations can focus on filling seats with the best talent and working toward corporate objectives. Plus, HR employees and hiring managers can more confidently extend job offers to people they've never met physically.

The cutting-edge solutions offered by Coderbyte have proven transformational for many high-profile client firms. They've also made changing careers possible for engineering job seekers around the world. Below are just a few of the gaps Coderbyte's innovative system closes for remote candidates and companies looking to hire.

1. Creates relevant online programmer interview assessments.

As pointed out by Coderbyte founder Daniel Borowski, remote technical interviews tend toward mundane at best-and cumbersome at worst. They're clunky. They're outdated. And they might not be pertinent to the role.

Borowski's roadmap follows principles to keep the hiring process clear of clutter and appropriately pinpoints top talent. As such, Coderbyte favors the use of shorter, realistic testing that more accurately reflects how someone would perform on the job. Candidates welcome not jumping through needless hoops, and employers can see who's qualified versus who's not.

2. Replaces "gut instinct" with data-backed decisions.

It's ironic that in 2021, some recruiters still rely on their instincts to make final hiring decisions. This can lead to problems immediately and later… and maybe lawsuits, too. Research from SHRM notes that going with feelings over facts can wind up in recruitment biases and bad hires. After all, basing employment on a first impression isn't exactly science. The way around this is by gathering and evaluating irrefutable candidate information and testing data.

Coderbyte's system collects data during every hiring stage. The data can be seen in real-time and used by recruiters to make smarter choices. By leveraging data, recruiters can back up their decisions with measurable, unbiased analyses. For applicants, knowing their ability-not their personality-is what gets them a "yes" or "no" increases confidence.

3. The platform takes away common assessment cheating methods.

One of the biggest flaws in most online coding assessment portals is that they don't address cheating head-on. Rather, they put measures in place ostensibly to bypass cheating. Those measures, unfortunately, can be weak and highly biased-not to mention bypassed by savvy candidates.

The Coderbyte system reduces cheating through a multi-step approach. First, coding challenge titles can be hidden, which makes it difficult for candidates to share their experiences or answers online. Secondly, coders' can Google search third-party sites right from the code editor. As a consequence, recruiters can see how an engineer would perform on the job in a way that doesn't assume applicants will do wrong. And candidates feel like they're being treated like professionals.

4. Encourages dynamic job interview interactions.

A huge issue with remote job interviews is that they're often a series of one-way streets. Case in point: The interviewer asks a question. The interviewee answers. And so on. This cycle doesn't allow for interactions or robust discussions, which can halt progress, understanding, and flow during the session.

On the Coderbyte platform, recruiters have the ability to conduct online interviews differently. For instance, whiteboard capabilities enable all parties to share information. Hiring managers can see how interviewees solve problems, which gives broader context on the way a candidate responds. Many applicants are visual, kinesthetic learners who appreciate being able to use diagrams to explain their ideas. Whiteboarding helps them make points more succinctly.

Online job interviewing and onboarding rose substantially during the pandemic, and the process isn't going away. With Coderbyte in their tech stack, employers can rethink the way they handle recruitment-and snap up top talent.

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