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Sparta Signs MOU with CASPR Group to provide Award Winning Pathogen Reduction Technology for Air Ventilation Systems and Exposed Surfaces.

Thursday, 20 May 2021 08:00 AM

Sparta Group

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2021 / Sparta Group (TSXV:SAY) (the "Corporation" the "Company", "Sparta Group", "Sparta Capital", "SAY.V" or "Sparta") has signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU"), with CASPR Group of Addison TX ("CASPR™") to formalize an exclusive distribution and development agreement, for the North American transportation sector, between Sparta's TruckSuite™ division and CASPR™, as well as to develop a non-exclusive agreement between Sparta Health Group ("Sparta Health") and CASPR™. The CASPR™ technology allows for continuous reduction of viruses and other harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces; including surfaces in forced-air ventilation systems.

Most disinfecting solutions rely on episodic treatment and don't address indoor air. However, CASPR™ (Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction) provides a continuous reduction of viruses and bacteria, in a way that safely mimics the natural processes provided by our sun and nature, in general. It does not require a lot of manpower or maintenance on the part of the client and it does address indoor air.

In recent days media outlets in North America have sounded the alarm bells about COVID-19 being airborne. In fact, scientists are demanding that ventilation systems be overhauled. A study published this month in the journal, Science, indicates that cleaner indoor air is needed not only to fight the pandemic, but also to help lower the risk of catching other respiratory infections.

CASPR™ technology, which was designed by award winning doctor, Christophe Suchy Ph.D., uses a multi-wavelength ultraviolet light and catalyst with a proprietary coating and screen design to covert moisture and airborne oxygen into oxidizing molecules, including hydrogen peroxide, to disinfect both the air and surfaces, including those in the ventilation systems. Each CASPR™ device is up to 99.96 percent effective in addressing pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, molds and odors. It has been deemed safe for people, pets, and plants. The output of hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizing molecules is well below U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration limits. CASPR™ includes both plug-in technology and in-Duct mechanisms.

At present, the CASPR™ truck unit is a small, thin box that would simply be fixed to the inside of the cab roof. Little maintenance is required. There is just an air filter that is replaced yearly. The system can be operated either while the cab is occupied or not and can be easily wired to operate just when the rig is keyed on. After the unit is initiated, it will keep both the air and the surfaces inside the cab, virus free. As a part of the development portion of the agreement, Sparta's TruckSuite™ and CASPR™ have agreed to collaborate in the development of an even more specific version of the technology with the goal to have all vehicles equipped with a TruckSuite Safety System™ that includes CASPR™ technology.

With regard to the Sparta Health portion of the agreement, as recently announced, Sparta has committed to building a number of local demonstration sites that will be used to help educate the Canadian commercial real-estate market about what can be done to help bring normalcy for a post-pandemic world - especially as it relates to providing clean air being delivered by the ventilation systems. This program has already started with the integration of the CASPR™ equipment into a previously announced smart building platform for Sparta's laboratory facilities in Toronto, Canada. Similar programs are about to commence in a couple of well recognized facilities in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Concurrently, staff and management are noticing an increase in inquiries about potential technology to address indoor air concerns in other industries, including the fitness sector.

"To be able to offer this to truckers, especially at this crucial time, is a big bonus. Soon, any trucker in North America that has the CASPR™ technology can sit in his or her cab knowing that their working space has continuous protection from nasty viruses; be that COVID-19 today yet who knows in the future? But it goes even further when dealing with all the buildings that will start to re-open as we look to getting back to normal. With more than 160 Million square feet of office space in the GTA alone, and a technology that can be deployed to mitigate risk for only about $1 per square foot, we feel we are on to something that will help everyone get back to normal," said Sparta President, John O'Bireck.

CASPR technology is not new, in fact it has a strong reputation in Europe, Asia and South America, with thousands of installations, disinfecting all sorts of settings, including healthcare settings and food processing plants. With the need for such protection growing, CASPR Group decided to expand its reach to include healthcare-grade solutions that can be used in restaurants, emergency vehicles, medical offices, and a variety of other work environments.

Sparta management considers the CASPR™ technology a logical addition to their existing non-toxic antimicrobial formulation and robotic dispersion system for surface protection, which includes a strong relationship with Core-19™ Sanitization, a company with knowledgeable, certified disinfection crews.

About Sparta:

Sparta Group (a.k.a. Sparta Capital Ltd.) is a technology-based company that owns or holds a controlling interest in a network of independent businesses that supply energy saving technologies designed to reduce energy inefficiencies, achieve reduced emissions and increase operating efficiencies in various industries. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Sparta has also expanded its scope to help facilitate supply of necessary materials while assisting talented inventors who are looking to introduce innovative technical solutions that will bring greater normalcy to the post COVID-19 world. Sparta's network of independent businesses provides a wide range of specialized energy capturing, converting, optimizing, and related services to the commercial sector. Sparta provides capital, technical and engineering expertise, legal support, financial and accounting knowledge, strategic planning and other shared services to its independent businesses.

Sparta is a publicly traded company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange Inc. under the symbol "SAY" (TSX.V: SAY). Additional information is available at or on SEDAR at

About CASPR:

Headquartered in Addison, Texas, CASPR Group is a company who is committed to ensuring that the indoor air we breathe and the surfaces we touch are the safest they can be. Since their founding, 18 years ago, by Dr. Christophe Suchy, their award-winning technology has brought safe and powerful solutions to indoor spaces across the world. With 99.96% destruction of pathogens both in the air and on surfaces, their continuous disinfection process recreates what naturally happens outdoors. Formed to serve the healthcare industry, they've since expanded to bring more customers of all industries the peace of mind that comes from protected and healthy indoor spaces. The technology is easy to install, doesn't require any added chemicals and is very low maintenance. Thanks to the technology's natural purifiers, indoor air pollution and pathogens on surfaces are eliminated. For more information, visit

For further information please contact:
John O'Bireck, President
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (905) 751-8004

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SOURCE: Sparta Capital Ltd.

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