The Beverly Hills Attorney Group is Your Legal Destination For Personal Injury
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The Beverly Hills Attorney Group is Your Legal Destination For Personal Injury

Saturday, May 15, 2021 4:05 PM
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BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2021 / If you had to describe the Beverly Hills Attorney Group in just one word, it would be personable, or maybe boutique. The truth is there isn't one word that describes them. The Beverly Hills Attorney Group is a team of tenacious attorneys of different backgrounds and ethnicities who focus on their relationships (with their clients, network, and each other) first.

"We pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients, as well as our network of doctors and attorneys. We try to make ourselves very accessible always," says the team at Beverly Hills Attorney Group. "We want to help people who aren't sure what to do when they are faced with potentially life-altering situations like car accidents."

With relationships at the heart of their business, the Beverly Hills Attorney Group built a practice on referrals in Beverly Hills in under a year and a half.

"With COVID, it's been difficult, as it is with everyone, but accidents haven't stopped. When clients come to us, most of the time, they're already injured and shaken, so we do our best to be flexible, accommodating, and understanding, and we give them personalized care. We provide them with an accurate overview of our process from A to Z, so they know exactly what to expect. We're just trying to help people."

All the Beverly Hills Attorneys Group members were born and raised in Los Angeles, but the team comes from very different backgrounds. They're even multilingual! Now, they're giving back to their community by fighting for their clients' rights in the LA area.

The Beverly Hills Attorney Group focuses on personal injury and provides other legal services such as Lemon law matters, criminal lawsuits, and business litigation services. However, their network in the personal injury sphere of practice sets them apart from other law firms.

"Our network in the personal injury sphere has over 30 years of experience. And the relationships with our network and clients are what drives us."

Although their goal is eventually to open a Nevada branch, the Beverly Hills Attorney Group doesn't want to turn into a settlement mill where they have to juggle 200 clients.

Why? Because in firms like that, "it's easy for cases to fall through the cracks. Their attention to detail is less because they work on volume. We are careful in choosing cases, upfront on what we provide, and how the process goes. Our attorneys are hands-on with the cases from start to finish. We provide white-glove services in the sense that we're touching every point in a matter, following up with insurance companies, following up with clients, and personalizing the services we provide. We go out of our way to do that."

If you are injured or looking for other legal help, you can request a free consultation from the Beverly Hills Attorney Group by calling 1-310-858-9802 or emailing them at [email protected].

Company Name: Beverly Hills Attorney Group
Contact Person: Roxanna Talaie
Address: 280 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 315, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone Number: 310-858-9802
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SOURCE: Beverly Hills Attorney Group

Beverly Hills Attorney Group
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