Text Messaging SMS Marketing Top Brands Use Successfully
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Text Messaging SMS Marketing Top Brands Use Successfully

Thursday, May 13, 2021 2:00 PM
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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2021 / SMS text marketing can help companies build customer trust and retention by sharing exclusive offers and important company updates. Unlike email, SMS text messaging ensures quick deliverability, higher open and conversion rates and platform flexibility through this highly personal marketing channel. Texts are a direct line of communication with a company's most loyal customer base. For company brands wanting to stay on the cutting edge of marketing to maintain and grow their customer base, text marketing is a necessity.

Business executive texting on her iPhone. Image Credit: 123rf.com / Lyndon Stratford.

Retailers See a Huge Increase in Sales with SMS Marketing

All major retail brands across multiple sectors are successfully using SMS text marketing and loyalty programs to grow sales. This according to the news report "7 Big Brands That Use SMS Marketing" from Textedly.com.

For leading shoe brand Reebok International, they use bulk SMS marketing with keywords and shortcodes to let customers subscribe to various SMS marketing programs. Once customers opt in, Reebok promotes other marketing programs for the latest deals, updates and offers. The shortcode is also used for text message campaigns for Reebok's associated brands, including Reebok Outlets, Rockport Outlets, Ashworth Outlets and the NHL Store.

Premium clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger USA uses its program "Tommy Texts" to alert customers of new products and promotions. Customers can text a keyword to the company's shortcode to opt in, and receive a confirmation text message with the full program details. By responding "Yes," customers provide express written consent to formally opt into the program. The company commits to sending subscribers no more than 10 text messages per month.

Even top pet retailer Petco Animal Supplies, better known as ‘Petco', provides in-store services like pet grooming. Petco has improved their customer experience with SMS marketing by communicating dog grooming updates to clientele as well as one-time offers. Customers can stay informed of their pet's appointment status without having to reach out. Easing the pet grooming process gives customers a reason to choose Petco over other competitors.

How Other Top Brands are Using SMS Text Marketing

Surprisingly, even social media giants can't do without SMS text marketing. They too are looking at how to increase sales effectively with texting.

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media websites typically use text messages to improve the security. To protect customer profiles and accounts, users can activate two-factor authentication via SMS. When you sign in from a new device, you receive a text with a verification code to confirm your identity.

Even though security is an obvious way social media companies are using text messaging, a not-so-obvious way is how Facebook has placed emphasis on helping small businesses create clever digital marketing strategies using a combination of SMS texts and Facebook Messenger. Integrating social media campaigns with bulk SMS marketing is an effective way to connect with customers where they spend the most time, their cell phones.

Cell Phone Number Lists for Small Business Owners, SMBs, and Corporate Enterprise

"We've seen a huge demand for new customers wanting to do bulk SMS text message marketing. Both for B2C and B2B type small businesses and corporate enterprise. Many do not know you can actually purchase cell phone number lists or get access to cell phone databases to use for sales prospecting," said Ben Argeband, Founder of Swordfish AI, a tech company specializing in providing cell phone numbers and email addresses of contact information for use in recruiting or sales prospecting.

SMS text messaging for top brands was discussed in Issue #155 of Contact Finder magazine. Image Credit: Contact Finder.

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