Forex Trading Is A Growing Trend, But Not Everyone Understands The Market: Learn More By Taking The ATA FX 1.0 Program
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Forex Trading Is A Growing Trend, But Not Everyone Understands The Market: Learn More By Taking The ATA FX 1.0 Program

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 5:35 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2021 / The financial market is an ever changing complex system that includes investment stocks, indices, metals, cryptos and more. There are reportedly more than nine million traders in the world. How can you become one and be successful?

Ale Trader Academy, Wednesday, May 12, 2021, Press release picture

By taking part in the ATA FX 1.0 program under the Ale Trader Academy founded by Alejandro Bastidas (@atafx11 on Instagram), a Forex Trader with more than four years of experience trading in the financial market.

"ATA FX 1.0 simplifies the experience and vision that I have acquired over four years, developing the institutional perspective of price action and technical analysis."

Not everyone in the trading world can benefit from the market. Not everyone actually reaches rentability. Reportedly only 5% of traders do. The ATA FX 1.0 program gives people the tools they need to become part of that percentage. Some of the people that have participated in it soon after were able to become profitable and others have managed to overcome the FTMO Company Challenge.

"FTMO is one of the most prestigious and credible companies in the financing of traders, which offers accounts up to 200k USD. According to the statistics of the company FTMO, only 4% of people manage to successfully overcome the more than 1,500 challenges that the company promotes monthly."

For some of the challenges people have to have an economic objective to earn 10% of the account (10K USD) to achieve in a given time (10 days minimum - 30 days maximum) without being able to assume a daily loss of more than 5% of the account (5K USD) or an overall loss of 10% of the account (10KUSD).

"This test redefines the logic and consistency of a profitable trader, who can have a strategy and ability to generate income monthly and thus live from trading."

The Forex market is very complex. It is the largest financial market in the world with banks, companies, investment firms, hedge funds, brokers and investors participating in it. The financial market overall continues to grow in unexpected ways.

This is why it remains crucial for people to learn how to trade and grow their income before they engage with the market. This is what is behind the 5% of traders who make a living off trading. ATA FX 1.0 provides an avenue to learn more. Visit here.

Paula Henderson
[email protected]

SOURCE: Ale Trader Academy

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