Simplifying Real Estate Investing, With The Power Of Data Analytics And AI, UpKy Is Changing The Real Estate Investment Game In Quebec
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Simplifying Real Estate Investing, With The Power Of Data Analytics And AI, UpKy Is Changing The Real Estate Investment Game In Quebec

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 1:40 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2021 / So much of the world is attached to our phones. With the touch of a button, we can access almost our entire world including our friends, our banks, the news, and even our work now. Without our phones, many of us would feel a disconnect from the world. Some may say this reliance has been harmful to our way of life, but it has afforded access to services that many would not usually have access to.

This includes the real estate market. Combining the power of technology with the real estate market, UpKy is a platform designed to put everything a person needs to know about the real estate market in one place. In other words, they area technology company that leverages data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide insight to the investor so that they can make data driven decisions.

UpKy stands for Upgrade your Keys. The team at UpKy realized that many people were not well equipped to make data driven decisions in real estate. In an attempt to bring the market out of the stone age, the creators came up with this app idea to help modernize the market in the province of Quebec.

The biggest problem for the UpKy team was getting their business financed. Technology startups can either be highly lucrative with multi millions dollars exit but can also be very risky as there are so many unknowns at the early stage, so they had to leverage their investment properties businesses to fund this one. They were able to do so to make this business a reality despite the difficulties.

With the goal of disrupting the market and creating something new for people, they hope to remove frictions from the transaction process for those who wish to buy, sell and refinance a property.

The UpKy team is run by two entrepreneurs with experience in the real estate business. They are Uriel Bigot and Christophe Meeus. The two combined their love and passion for technology to create their business after they saw what they could do to help people in the market.

"Coming from the technology world we felt that it didn't make sense that in 2020 real estate investing was stuck in the prehistoric age. The fact that there was too much friction in a transaction process motivated us to create a business which will remove the friction from the transaction by providing software-based tools to smoothen the transition between the parties. We are technology experts by trade and real estate investors by passion. It was a natural marriage for us to combine our two passions into one by creating this company," Uriel and Christophe explained.

With the real estate market going through different phases now during the pandemic, UpKy has numerous projects planned for the coming year. They are focusing on building their product and launching it to the market in the upcoming months. They are starting in Quebec and their goal is to rapidly expand to the rest of Canada and then the US.

To find out more about UpKy, check out their website here.


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