The Case Of DeHive: Decentralized Index Protocol for ‘One-click’ DeFi Investment
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The Case Of DeHive: Decentralized Index Protocol for ‘One-click’ DeFi Investment

Thursday, May 6, 2021 8:00 PM
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ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2021 / The crypto space has exploded over the past decade. As it stands, there are several thousands of crypto assets available in the cryptocurrency market. Quite interestingly, these coins and tokens have offered enthusiasts a lucrative way to make money in crypto by speculating on their future value.

Still, the sad truth is, it usually becomes extremely hectic and difficult for crypto investors to maintain their diverse portfolios after a while. Even worse, it's a common experience for them to find their gains drowned out by the less-performing assets in their portfolios.

In light of this, an experienced team have conceived a protocol called DeHive, and have come up with a brilliant solution to this problem.

Described as "the ultimate DeFi index", DeHive is a decentralized index protocol created for issuing and investing in DeHive Indexes, a basket of leading, top-performing crypto assets in the DeFi market.

Through these ‘coin baskets', the DeHive protocol enables investors to maintain all their crypto assets within a single index. This offers the more obvious benefit of ease, but even further, it has the potential to transform how crypto portfolios are currently managed.

For instance, a DeHive Index with a healthy balance of strong tokens can help guarantee steadier profits and manage risk properly - especially in a volatile market like crypto.

Cryptocurrency Indexes and DeHive's Solution

Investors in the traditional (read: stocks) markets are no strangers to index funds. Popular world stock indexes include Nasdaq, S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In the case of the cryptocurrency markets, each DeHive Index comprises of a set of tokens evaluated based on market capitalization and extensive research by crypto analysts and DeFi experts.

In a DeHive Index, investors select their assets, which are then combined and maintained under a single crypto index in the DeFi market. All the underlying assets are kept in a transparent smart contract.

Also, the protocol leverages on-chain oracles to ensure the selected crypto assets in the index are bought at the best market price.

Even more, the protocol can rebalance the underlying assets in the index to minimize risks for investors.

The first DeHive Index showcases a profitable portfolio of the top DeFi tokens through a single index. These tokens include top DeFi aggregators, liquidity pools, and financial market solutions reviewed by DeHive's team of DeFi experts.

Index Redemption

In a bid to maintain a decentralized ecosystem, the DeHive platform gives investors an option to liquidate their custom indexes and withdraw their tokens. In order to liquidate an index, the user releases the index to the network, contributing a certain amount of DHV tokens to the protocol treasury.

These tokens will then be used to participate in liquidity mining, opportunity distributions, and so on. This way, users liquidating their indexes will also support the protocol's economy. The underlying assets in the index can then be exchanged for Ether.

Tokenomics and Distribution

DHV is the native utility token of the DeHive platform. By holding the token, users will access the ecosystem, issue initial DeHive Indexes or create custom indexes, and participate in protocol governance through the DAO, etc.

Total token supply: 10,000,000 (10 million) DHV

Vesting period: 10 months

Vesting starts immediately after the IDO event. The vesting model would be linear and 10% of all bought tokens would be unlocked every month, unlocking all the tokens within the 10-month vesting period.

The DHV token distribution is outlined as follows:

The pre-sale and public sale rounds consisted of 17% of the total tokens.

8% of the tokens for the private sale.

15% of the tokens is reserved for liquidity miners.

20% of the token supply is locked in the company reserves.

20% tokens is reserved for the team and further development.

20% is allocated for community incentives and strategic partnerships.

The Team behind DeHive

The DeHive protocol was developed by the Blaize team of blockchain experts. Blaize is a software company that has been actively developing cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions for about half a decade now.

The team has worked on several CoinMarketCap 100 projects in various capacities, ranging from backend and frontend development to DevOps and auditing.

The current crypto landscape offers lucrative opportunities through a wide variety of brilliant Altcoins and assets that build trust and advantage over other positions. The idea of creating a fully decentralized crypto index was birthed out of an increasing demand for better opportunities for crypto investors.

Investing in a decentralized index backed by the top DeFi tokens is a brilliant way to mitigate risk and guarantee optimum profits in the crypto markets.


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