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How Outbrand, A Modern Marketing Firm, Grew Their Customer Base During a Pandemic

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 4:25 PM

BOISE, ID / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2021 / The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a tremendous amount of hardships to people and businesses alike. As shops closed down and lockdown notices were issued, many small businesses couldn't survive, and those who did had to resort to remote methods of work in order to stay afloat. COVID-19 trenched a new current for how businesses are run.

It was a time of pivoting for most companies, and no one knows about that better than Mario Sarceno, founder of Outbrand, a full-service marketing agency that helps companies scale their business.

Outbrand, Wednesday, May 5, 2021, Press release picture

As we all know about the beginning of 2020, the pandemic hit just as Outbrand was beginning. Sarceno and his team took the time to ensure that the company operations and strategies were geared around the digital space immediately to match the new demand. Creating solutions to these new problems led to Outbrand tripling their monthly revenue within a matter of months.

Outbrand shared three principles that helped them predictably scale in unpredictable times:

  1. Go to where your audience is: There are a myriad of digital channels available to businesses today, but that doesn't mean that we should focus on all channels. "I've spoken with companies who have been trying to target blue collar workers on LinkedIn. This is time that could be better spent on actually calling plumbers. First, focus your efforts on where your audience is hanging out".
  2. Differentiate yourself: There is no unsaturated industry. Every industry is saturated, but what makes the difference in how you get your foot in the door is how you make yourself different. "What I suggest people do is think about your past clients. Why did they decide to work with you instead of the business next door? Find out what resonated with them, and amplify that. If it resonates with them, chances are, it'll resonate with more people like them".
  3. Get creative: Consider common sales, marketing, and presentation practices, and tweak one small thing at a time to see if it yields better results. The pandemic forcefully tweaked every business, and those who found a better way to operate were the ones who grew this past year. "If it ain't broke, fix it even better".

Outbrand is a full-service marketing firm. Wherein a lot of companies claim this, Outbrand goes above and beyond to ensure "full service" is an honest evaluation of their company. They provide public relations strategies over a wealth of different media options, digital marketing in both traditional and social media spaces.

"Keep on moving," is the mantra they adopted in these early months of business. "If it's not working, keep moving in another direction. As long as you're moving, you can expect to make some kind of progress." With this philosophy, Outbrand didn't just stay afloat but flourished despite the odds.

Outbrand is a new company, of course, but the long-term goals that they have set up carry through on their ambition and movement-driven mindset. They aim to hit seven-figure growth by the end of 2021 and to further expand the team so that they can help more clients navigate the waters of modern marketing. Above all, they just want to keep thriving against the pandemic's tough current, to fight the waters, and keep the upward trajectory that Outbrand has enjoyed so far.

Outbrand, Wednesday, May 5, 2021, Press release picture

Meet The Founder:

Mario Sarceno was born in Los Angeles to parents who immigrated from Central America. He was raised in Texas, where, in middle school he experienced bullying. This showed him what it was like to be an underdog, and fortified in him a dedication towards people who feel like they're less than who they are. This is a lot of what pushed him to partake in a mission trip to Chile, where he talked to people every day and tried his best to help them through spiritual means. Mormonism has been an integral part of Sarceno's life, and getting that opportunity to connect with people through his faith was a tremendous experience for him. He was a life coach in a way, helping people realize what they could accomplish in their lives and how they can best experience fulfillment. When Sarceno returned to America, he attended Brigham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho, where he studied advertising and communications. Here he met a girl, and he moved out to Torrance, California so that he could live closer to her. Soon he became familiar with and interested in digital marketing while making money on the side in the gig work industry. He came across his mentor Michael in January of 2020, who helped him discover both his monetary and entrepreneurial potential, even as he was in an underdog position, working job-to-job in an expensive state like California. Sarceno had always rooted for the underdog, however, since his time in Texas, he found that with this coaching, he was able to root for himself and explore that entrepreneurial option into digital marketing and communications. This is when he decided to go through with Outbrand.

Since opening, Outbrand has consistently helped businesses and business owners alike to flourish and grow through their many media options and strategies.

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