Think and Know CBD Is Providing Content Writing Services for the CBD Industry
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Think and Know CBD Is Providing Content Writing Services for the CBD Industry

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 12:40 AM
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Company Update

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2021 / On top of being a place where businesses can hire content writing services, Think and Know CBD is also host to several product reviews that can help consumers navigate the market.

The world is still in the midst of a CBD gold rush. This is an exciting time for entrepreneurs and consumers alike as new CBD brands and products enter the market, bringing with them lots of promises and possibilities. But this rapid expansion had one unavoidable consequence: it is harder than ever for a CBD business to stand out in today's market.

Here's where services like the ones provided by Think and Know CBD come in. Think and Know CBD is a solo venture that specializes in providing CBD-related content for business owners in the industry. This includes content fit for a variety of purposes, such as blog posts, articles, eBooks, case studies, newsletters, email campaigns, and more.

Terence, the site's creator, put it together with the sole purpose of helping business owners get the content they need to drive their marketing efforts. As he explains: "My job is to allow you to sit back, relax and focus on other aspects of your business while I deliver high-quality content that boosts your visibility online and brings in more traffic."

Terence's first encounter with CBD came about when he decided to try the substance as a way to deal with his chronic back pain. The results were dramatic. As he explains: "Not only did I wake up pain-free and refreshed, I was just about as energetic as a 2-year-old who'd just had his first encounter with a full bag of candy." He's been fascinated by the substance ever since.

Content and Services

Think and Know CBD stands out from the crowd in a variety of ways when it comes to its services. The company's core goal is to help its clients get more traffic, more leads, and more sales by providing high-quality CBD content.

To ensure that quality, Terence produces the content following three key principles: being unique, facts not fiction, and strategic content planning. This means that he strives to (1) produce unique and engaging content that can stand out from the crowd of CBD articles out there, (2) focus only on data-driven CBD facts and benefits, and (3) help clients put together a content plan that will benefit their business and their target audience.

On top of providing content, the company also offers a variety of services that can help elevate the quality of the content and boost the results of a client's marketing efforts. These services include consumer research, CBD SEO, content management, branding, storytelling, and more.

The Think and Know CBD Blog

Delta-8 THC has been a subject of much discussion and confusion later, which is why the Think and Know CBD blog has an article on what is delta-8 THC. It also covers the substance's legal status. That's the main function of the company's blog - to inform the public, help them find good products, and dispel CBD-related myths.

The blog also contains CBD product reviews and various types of informational articles regarding CBD and the cannabis industry in general. And it doubles as a live portfolio so clients can get samples of Terence's content.

Think and Know CBD
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