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PayAccept and New Sources Energy Begins Transition to Blockchain-Based Decentralized Energy Market

Wednesday, 05 May 2021 04:50 AM

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2021 / PayAccept B.V announced the launch of a collaboration with New Sources Energy NV (NSE NV) today. From this innovative collaboration, a revolutionary green sustainable blockchain will be born. This new blockchain is set to disrupt the energy market in unprecedented ways. It will allow solar panel owners to use and convert energy directly into valuable blockchain tokens, conduct transactions, and trade energy assets via the decentralized energy exchange application of PayAccept.

"As a blockchain-industry innovator, we believe that the energy market will make the same transition in the upcoming years as decentralized finance did for fintech. PayAccept wants to contribute to this trajectory and empower the energy market by introducing its own Energy Exchange Platform that is open for all companies and consumers. This will lead to the promotion of sustainable energy and affordable green energy with higher yield potential for solar panel owners", says CEO of PayAccept, Chris van Steenbergen.

While blockchain technology typically represents a network of heavy energy-consuming miners, PayAccept has created a blockchain with a minimized energy consumption, based on Proof of Stake1 and Proof of Authority2. The blockchain stores genuine data about where the energy is coming from and how every produced kilowatt-hour (KwH) is generated. PayNode holders in this blockchain act as the backbone in such a way that it is decentralized and ready to empower the energy market on a global scale.

The collaboration with PayAccept is in line with NSE NV's strategy to invest in extensions of their current core activities. These activities include development, operations, and investment in projects aimed at sustainable energy generation.

About PayAccept

PayAccept is an innovative all-in-one payment provider that acts as a bridge between the conventional financial world and new disruptive blockchain technology. Our mission is to provide millions of people worldwide with an alternative, reliable, decentralized way to manage their money. By combining both financial worlds, PayAccept offers access to fiat, cryptocurrency, lending, card issuance, payment solutions, and risk management services and provides a way to manage all of these assets in the blockchain industry through an easy-to-use application. The multi-functional platform of PayAccept offers a wide variety of features to meet personal and business needs.

PayAccept's headquarters are located at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven in the Netherlands. For more information, please refer to:

About New Sources Energy (Ticker: NSE, Euronext Amsterdam)

NSE's mission is to contribute to the development and exploitation of sustainable energy for generations to come.

NSE wants to realize its mission through new activities that are ideally in line with the activities previously developed, namely the development, exploitation, and investment in projects in which energy is generated in a sustainable manner. New Sources Energy achieves this through working on a balanced, diversified portfolio, both topographically and technically.

The board expects that NSE will develop into an investment platform, a synergistic network of Greentech companies, creating a community that entrepreneurs can turn to a combination of funding, knowledge, and an (international) network.


1 Proof of Stake (PoS) is the technology by which stakers validate the generated blocks and don't require energy-consuming miners.
2 Proof of Authority (PoA) is an algorithm that delivers comparatively fast transactions through a consensus mechanism based on identity as a stake.

Contact  – Chris van Steenbergen
Phone number – +31 85 3030600
Email – [email protected]

SOURCE: PayAccept B.V.

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