MOVE Network Announces Exciting Partnership with The H Collective - Revolutionizing The Film Industry with NFTs
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MOVE Network Announces Exciting Partnership with The H Collective - Revolutionizing The Film Industry with NFTs

Thursday, April 29, 2021 9:45 PM
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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 29, 2021 / MOVE Network, the world's leading NFT aggregator, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with The H Collective, a well-known film corporation collaborating with Hollywood's top producers and talent. This partnership enables MOVE Network to revolutionize NFT's in the film industry.

The H Collective is a US based production, marketing, film finance and distribution company engaging top Hollywood producers and talent to collectively create high quality original entertainment content for the global market. MOVE Network and The H Collective partnership will allow both companies to pursue the greater value of blockchain technology together. This strategic partnership will provide MOVE Network exclusive access to a wide array of entertainment and art IPs.

We are extremely excited to cooperate with MOVE Network to launch our NFT project," said Kent Jianhui Huang, Co-Chairman of The H Collective. "Several companies have approached us about collaborating on NFT projects. We see much potential in NFT and believe that the growth of streaming services is causing a shift away from private film ownership in the film industry.

"The partnership with The H Collective will create continued value for the film industry, by giving filmmakers access to another channel of exposure. MOVE Network in turn will provide the security and peace of mind of transactions done on the MOVE Market - where exclusive content can be bought, sold, and traded by end-users' using cryptographic token assets." said Daniel Bokun, President & Co-Founder of MOVE Network. "We are excited as this partnership will provide MOVE Network ownership of diversified IP and access to unique NFT offerings for new and existing market participants."

The market size of the movie & video production industry is $33.8B in 2021.The video game market size in the United States is projected to surpass $65.49B U.S. dollars in 2021. NFTs Market cap has grown 1,785% in 2021 as demand explodes.

MOVE Network is capitalizing on this growth by supporting industries to be more adoptive in using it's NFT ecosystem. With the explosive growth of the Non-Fungible Token ecosystem in 2021, obstacles arise, including little oversight related to the verification process and the huge demand for decentralized trading. MOVE Network sets out to solve these obstacles and is targeted to be the largest NFT aggregator, while providing a highly energy-efficient application to support NFT development.

Following the much-anticipated partnership with The H Collective, MOVE Network will continue to expand in the developing its NFT marketplace for the film industry. Soon, users will be able to tokenize, trade, migrate and store the digital film content into crypto NFT assets on MOVE Market - offering NFT collectors a comprehensive ecosystem to securely maintain unique crypto NFTs and digital assets in one place. MOVE Market is a one-stop-shop solution for end-users' to display cryptographic token assets as an attractive medium for virtual trading. MOVE Network strives to be a catalyst for the film industry making its strategic partnership with The H Collective a reflection of this mission and continued success.

About MOVE Network
MOVE Network is the largest NFT aggregator covering a wide spectrum of NFT products. MOVE Network allows enterprises and start-ups to capture value today by using blockchain technologies to trade, stake, NFT creation and auction assets. The MOVE Network comprises of; MOVE market, the $MOVD token and the MOVE Chain. Users can use MOVE Network to own NFT IP covering entertainment, music, art work and also eSports. The MOVE team collaborates with different IP distribution partners for NFT's issued in Asia and North America.

About The H Collective
Founded in June 2017, The H Collective is a comprehensive and independent film corporation including film and television production, investment in films and televisions, marketing and distribution as well as the operational management for IP, with the original English IP as its core. It focuses on films and televisions, recreational industry and cultural industry.

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Contact Information:
Daniel Bokun
President & Co-Founder of MOVE Network
Email Address: [email protected]


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