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Executive Lost $380k Sale, Then Won After Roses Sent to CEO

Tuesday, 27 April 2021 03:20 PM

Campaign Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2021 / Every business professional in the small business or corporate world, that generates sales and revenue for their company, have all come close to, or even completely lost sales deals in their careers. Even worse, losing a high-ticket or enterprise level sale. That is exactly what happened with a B2B Sales Executive who was faced with losing a $380,000 sale and the $87,000 commission check that went along with it. Getting strategic, the deal was saved by sending two-dozen roses from 1-800-Flowers.

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Sales Executive celebrates after closing a large deal. Image Credit: / DMBaker.

"My executive client had closed a $380k deal on a Friday afternoon, it was a ‘done' deal. He literally told me how over the weekend he started looking at what he was going to purchase with his $87k commission. The following Monday morning, my client called me frantic and in complete shock about how he just lost the $380k sale and the $87,000 commission," said Marty Stewart, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Campaign Writer, and Host of Inside Sales TV.

An $87,000 Sales Commission Check was at Risk

When you think of sending roses, usually Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, or other special gift occasion comes to mind. In the business world, it is rare, if not unheard of, to send roses to a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company.

"He (my client) had absolutely nothing to lose at this point. The deal was already lost. The only thing he could do now was to try and save the deal, and more importantly, save his $87,000 commission," said Stewart. Inc. is the company behind some of the most popular gift-giving retailer websites on the internet. Their company brands consist of 15 different websites specializing in floral and food gifts. Known most for their popular flower website, their motto is "Smiles Guaranteed."

"Part of the three-part strategic approach I came up with to try and save that deal for my client was sending two-dozen yellow roses from Yellow roses, because they matched the company's logo. They were sent same-day delivery that Monday afternoon."

Stewart continued, "The roses were meant to be a physical, tangible, and an in-hand diffuser to the whole good situation that turned bad. My thought was that everyone in their C-Suite Executive Office would be talking about this. They would be wondering ‘who' sent the CEO flowers."

A $380,000 Enterprise Sales Deal was Revived and Saved by Sending Roses

Campaign Writer, Tuesday, April 27, 2021, Press release picture

Screenshot close-up of the actual email receipt from Marty Stewart. An investment of $133.26 in roses and some strategic-thinking saved a $380,000 deal and an $87,000 sales commission. Note: certain information was redacted for privacy. Image Source: / Marty Stewart.

"Two days later, on a Wednesday morning, my client calls me and is screaming in the phone: ‘It worked, it worked! I can't believe it, it really worked!' He said there was no mention of the CEO blow-up on Monday morning. It was like it never happened. The deal was back on and fully engaged," said Stewart.

The CEO's Response to Receiving Two-Dozen Roses?

"By the way, thanks for the flowers," said the CEO that received the roses.

To see the complete story, watch the full episode of Inside Sales TV titled "B2B Sales $380k Deal + $87k Commission LOST?" You can also view directly on YouTube by visiting You can also read the full story on Medium titled " ."

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