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Manifold Finance Raises $2.5m to Build MEV Focused Scalability Solution

Monday, April 26, 2021 8:25 AM
Manifold Finance

CASTRIES, ST. LUCIA / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2021 / Manifold Finance has announced that it has secured funding of $2.5 million through a strategic investment round. The funding round was led by and Marshland Capital. It was also supported by Ascensive Assets, Genesis Block Ventures(GBV), Moonrock Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Magnus Capital, Rarestone Capital, Vendetta and Skynet Trading.

From trade execution infrastructure to on-chain protocol extensions, Manifold Finance has built a scalable stack of DeFi products with a focus of enhancing and providing additional functionality to DeFi protocols. This raise will mark the first official issuance of Manifold's governance token which will be used across the protocol and all accompanying offerings.

"Manifold Finance is continually looking for opportunities to collaborate with strategic investors, and also leverage opportunities presented by our investor networks to further improve ourselves and our user network. Our strategic investors are committed to the same goals that we are, and we work in tandem to pursue and achieve our goals." says founder Sam Bacha.

What is Manifold Finance?

Manifold Finance provides multi protocol middleware solutions for trade execution infrastructure and on-chain protocol extensions. Manifold Finance provides the following solutions through Backbone Cabal:

A plug and play, unopinionated, abstracted middle layer that gives traders the option to privatize their transaction's into a layer 2 scaling solution. yCabal leverages MEV(Miner Extracted Value) to create strategies off transactional order flow and then split the profit between network participants. By leveraging Manifolds resilient back end service traders can drastically lower their gas cost, reduce sandwich attacks, and give choice to prevent on chain predators from targeting their transactions.

Media Contact:

Company: Manifold Finance
Contact: Sam Bacha
E-mai: [email protected]

SOURCE: Manifold Finance

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