YouWager Is Expanding Its Sportsbook Options to Boost International Appeal
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YouWager Is Expanding Its Sportsbook Options to Boost International Appeal

Thursday, April 29, 2021 8:05 PM
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PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / April 29, 2021 / YouWager has been a fixture of the US betting market since 1999 and it has recently expanded the list of sports and tournaments available on its site in order to appeal to an international audience.

Few companies can claim to have been in any market for over 20 years, and the online betting market is especially competitive. Despite many challenges, YouWager has managed to not only survive for 21 years in the industry and counting, but it also managed to thrive.

First founded in 1999, YouWager has expanded into a global entity that spawned several other sports betting websites. On top of their main domain,, the YouWager Network also owns and operates BetPOP, Achau Bet, Wager7, and DiscountWager. Each different site appeals to a different segment of the market.

Recently the company has also expanded its sportsbook options in order to appeal to a broader global audience.

What's new on YouWager

The platform started offering betting options in a large number of sports that aren't typically popular within the US. They now offer a large variety of options covering all major soccer competitions in Europe and the Americas. They also offer betting options for tennis, cricket, rugby, golf, international boxing, MMA, eSports like League of Legends, and more.

Of course, this change has not affected the company's US-centered betting options. Basketball, football, baseball, and other sports typically popular within the country still are part of the company's sportsbooks. The changes are simply an attempt to expand the options available and appeal to a bigger audience.

This approach lines up well with what has been one of the company's biggest selling points over the years: their large number of betting options.

Wide range of options

YouWager and the other sites in its network offer many betting options that aren't often seen on other sites. On YouWager users can choose between money lines, prop bets, parlays, teasers, pleasers, if bets, action reverses, rolling if bets, and futures. This wide range of options not only makes sure that players always have something new they can try, but it also makes it possible for people to win big with minimal investment.

Parlay bets, for example, allows players to combine several bets in a single wager. Since winning a parlay requires that a wide range of improbable events occur, the odds of winning are low, but the rewards are proportionally huge, making this an attractive option for those who want a chance to win large sums while investing little.

YouWager Availability

YouWager's headquarters are in Costa Rica, where the company was originally founded. They currently hold a gaming license in the country, where gambling operations are overseen by the Costa Rica Commerce Industry Ministry. That license makes it legal for them to take bets from players all over the world.

That said, local restrictions still apply. Not every US state has made online betting legal. And some countries around the world - including the UK - limit their citizen's access to online betting to only sites that have been approved by the local government. Bettors who wish to play on YouWager should consult their local laws.

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