More Physicians Across the Nation Are Taking Advantage of SignatureMD's Concierge Medicine Platform
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More Physicians Across the Nation Are Taking Advantage of SignatureMD's Concierge Medicine Platform

Thursday, April 15, 2021 9:55 AM
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SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 15, 2021 / SignatureMD, one of the nation's largest firms providing conversion and ongoing support services to concierge physicians, has added another 11 physicians to its growing national network.

More physicians are opting to incorporate a concierge care model into their practices than ever before, citing frustration with the current healthcare system and a growing inability to practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced. Concierge medicine is an appealing alternative that enables physicians to enhance the value of their practice, spend more time with their patients, and improve their work-life balance.

SignatureMD is the leading concierge medicine partner offering both full and segmented concierge models. Many physicians opt for the full conversion model, while others choose the segmented conversion model designed for flexibility. With SignatureMD's segmented model, physicians can focus their time and attention on a few hundred member patients while overseeing a physician extender's care of those patients who choose not to enroll. The segmented model gives the physician the flexibility to evolve the practice to a full conversion model over time.

SignatureMD is excited to welcome the newest physicians to join its network in the first quarter of 2021:

• David Baskin, MD, New York, New York

• Martin Baskin, MD, New York, New York

• Esther Costel, MD, Louisville, Kentucky

• Darryl Hein, MD, Los Gatos, California

• Kurt Kastendieck, MD, Santa Fe, New Mexico

• Kadie Leach, MD, Lanham, Maryland

• Philip O'Donnell, MD, Falls Church, Virginia

• Sue Sanchez, MD, Minden, Nevada

• Louis Torres Jr., MD, Plano, Texas

• Melissa Wu, MD, Los Gatos, California

• Sagar Verma, MD, Warrenton, Virginia

"Concierge care is a game-changer and working with SignatureMD is the perfect solution for my practice," says Dr. Martin Baskin. "Their concierge medicine platform made it easy to select the conversion model that worked best for me, enabling me to add more revenue and build better patient relationships while reducing my workload at the same time. It's a brilliant system with so many benefits."

Of course, physicians are not the only ones who benefit from concierge care. Physicians today are seeing more patients but spending far less time with them. By providing a concierge care model, physicians can finally practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced by spending more time with their patients and getting to know their health goals on a more personal level. According to the AARP and Concierge Medicine Today, 90 percent of concierge patients are satisfied with their care.

"My patients tell me they feel like they're my only patient because I'm always available and have the time to listen," said Dr. Melissa Wu. "We help them become the healthiest they can be, which is a truly rewarding experience for everyone."

About SignatureMD:

SignatureMD is one of the nation's largest providers of initial conversion and ongoing support services to concierge medicine physicians, with an expanding network of over 200 affiliated primary care physicians and specialists across 35 states. To learn more about SignatureMD's flexible models for concierge care, visit

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Matthew Jacobson

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