Daniel Murphy is Excited to Unveil His New Medium Blog
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Daniel Murphy is Excited to Unveil His New Medium Blog

Monday, April 12, 2021 2:00 PM
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Daniel Murphy

Professional musical director and entrepreneur Daniel Murphy is pleased to announce the inaugural installments of a new blog created to discuss his many passions and interests.

AMHERST, NH / ACCESSWIRE / April 12, 2021 / After much thought and preparation, professional musical director and entrepreneur Daniel Murphy is proud to make public his new blog hosted by the online publishing platform Medium.

Initially, the blog, which is located at daniel-murphy.medium.com, largely concentrates on physical health and dietary issues, as well as preparing and cooking nutritious, diverse foods from around the world. His first entry deals with the many physical and mental benefits associated with maintaining a consistently nutritious diet. His second entry explores some handy and effective methods of ensuring that children, in particular, eat healthier.

After recently being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Daniel Murphy embarked on a journey of self-education about food composition, body chemistry, and human physiology in general. The interesting facts he discovered along the way, as well as his own personal experiences struggling with health matters, gave him the inspiration to start writing. Now, with the debut of his new blog, Daniel is ready and eager to share his wisdom and unique point-of-view with an online audience.

In the future, Daniel may use his new platform to branch out and address other subjects with which he is well-acquainted, some of which include teaching, children's day camp management, elder care, musical composition and arrangement, festival organization, and world travel. In the meantime, expect more fun facts about food, useful tips on meal preparation, health advice, and recipes to grace the digital space that is Daniel Murphy's brand new blog.

About Daniel Murphy:

Daniel Murphy is a professional musical director who has in the past extended his talents to teaching music, organizing festivals, and serving as a children's day camp mentor, director, and, for a period of four years, owner. From a young age, Daniel never stayed in one place for too long. He has lived in eight different US states and attended just as many public schools, including three in the third grade alone. This trend continued into his post-secondary education, with Daniel studying at no less than seven institutions of higher learning, including the University of New Hampshire, Notre Dame College, Villanova, and Shenandoah Conservatory/University, among others.

As an adult, Daniel Murphy continued his wandering ways. He developed a penchant for international travel, which often intersects with his job as a musical director. He has performed across the globe, in a total of twenty-six countries, many times as the organizer of an exchange program that takes hundreds of American children to schools across Europe in order to play music. During the course of his career, Daniel has given concerts for many statesmen and dignitaries, including the president of Lithuania. Some other notable people Daniel has performed for include Oprah Winfrey, Stedman Graham, Diane Sawyer, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, and filmmaker Mike Nichols.

Daniel Murphy is an accomplished music teacher. Some of his past students have found great success of their own, with one winning an Emmy Award and another serving as the musical director and vocal coach for a theater company on Broadway.

Contact Information:
Daniel Murphy
Professional Musical Director and Entrepreneur
Email: [email protected]
Website: danielkmurphy.com

SOURCE: Daniel Murphy

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