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Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr., M.D., Describes the Different Aspects of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in a New Article

Friday, April 9, 2021 3:00 AM
KeiperSpine, PC

In a recent article, Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. of KeiperSpine, explains the recent advancements in the specialized field of minimally invasive spine surgery, as well as its many advantages

EUGENE, OR / ACCESSWIRE / April 9, 2021 / Drawing on his many years of experience as a practicing neurosurgeon, Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. has composed a comprehensive review of the latest developments in minimally invasive spine surgery. The article, which is written with the understanding of the layperson in mind, has been published by the online medical periodical Harcourt Health and is prominently featured on that organization's website.

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The article opens with a concise rundown of the idea behind minimally invasive spine surgery in general, underscoring its potential as a less intense and physically traumatic alternative to more invasive, traditional spine surgeries. Dr. Keiper then goes on to give examples of some back conditions that might benefit from these less invasive techniques, including scoliosis, kyphosis, spine infections, degenerative disks, and spinal tumors. He proceeds to describe the three major types of minimally invasive spine surgeries in great detail, noting the differences between stenosis decompression, spinal fusion, and herniated disk removal. The article proceeds to give short synopsis of the advancements in these techniques over the past decade, as well as a summation of their advantages to the patient. Of these, an across-the-board reduced risk of surgical complications is of particular note. Put another way, minimally invasive spine surgery saves lives.

It is the great hope of Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. that readers will find his review informative and enlightening, and possibly aid in their decision-making process should they ever find themselves in the position to require back surgery for any of the conditions listed above.

About Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr.:
Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. is an expertly-trained neurosurgeon, as well as the founder and proprietor of the KeiperSpine clinic in Eugene, Oregon. His ever-expanding practice, which includes its own cutting-edge surgery center located on premises, is equipped to handle every conceivable facet of a patient's neurological needs. From a medical standpoint, Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. has pioneered work in many advanced neurosurgical techniques, including motion segment preservation and artificial disc placement, both of which have resulted in simpler surgeries and faster patient recovery times. When he has time to spare, Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. travels the country teaching these techniques to other neurosurgeons as part of his stalwart commitment to advancing the profession.

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