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Wasseem Dirani, CEO of Taxes To Save, Announces the Launch of A New Professional Website

Thursday, 08 April 2021 12:26

The founder and CEO of Taxes To Save is happy to inform the public of the grand debut of a new online platform from which news, updates, and all press and multimedia relating to the company will be communicated to the world.

HAMILTON, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 8, 2021 / It is with great pleasure that Wasseem Dirani, head of the tax consulting firm Taxes To Save, announces that a brand new website for the business is live and ready to welcome visitors. The site, which is located at, showcases a variety of different multimedia, including photos, interviews, articles, and selected blog entries. The website's content will largely revolve around matters relating to small business ownership, taxes, and personal finance.

Among the original content featured on the site's grand debut are two in-depth and long-form interviews. The first interview deals with the practical side of Wassem's tax consulting business. In it, he addresses the various successes and failures that Taxes To Save has experienced throughout the years, as well as discussing his strategy for the company's long-term growth. The second interview takes a more philosophical approach to the business. In it, Wasseem answers questions about some loftier concepts, such as the initial inspiration that caused him to found Taxes To Save, and where he finds the motivation to keep it organized, solvent, and running efficiently. Additionally, two introductory installments of a blog centered around tax laws and written by Wasseem Dirani himself are also available for viewing on the site. The first two topics he delves into are understanding how retirement impacts personal tax liability, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Canadian tax laws, respectively.

The launch of this website represents the achievement of a significant milestone for Wasseem Dirani and the whole team at Taxes To Save, and the company is thrilled with the result. The site will be updated with original content regularly.

About Taxes To Save and Wasseem Dirani:

Founded by Wasseem Dirani, Taxes To Save is a tax consulting firm based out of Hamilton, Ontario. With decades of experience in the field between them, Wasseem Dirani and the team of qualified experts at Taxes To Save specialize in providing workable, real-world solutions to the retinue of tax problems faced by companies across a wide variety of industries in today's unique business climate. Whether it be responding to industry-specific transitions, or simply trying to limit as much tax liability as possible, Wasseem Dirani and his team are poised to help any business stay competitive. Founded in 2000, Taxes To Save has been providing sage advice to companies of all sizes about Canadian tax laws for the entirety of the 21st century.

Contact Information:

Wasseem Dirani
Founder and CEO, Taxes To Save
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Taxes To Save

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