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olive(R) Partners With RepairPal to Enhance Mechanical Breakdown Claims Customer Service

Friday, 02 April 2021 06:50 PM



WALNUT CREEK, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2021 / Repair Ventures, LLC dba olive®, based in Walnut Creek, California, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with RepairPal and its network of Certified Repair Shops. olive's coverage plans are designed to keep a client moving by paying for unexpected mechanical breakdown repairs all with a fixed monthly payment.

Paul Sherman, CMO of olive states, "We are proud to partner with RepairPal and their certified repair shops to assist customers with a simple way to start a claim. The RepairPal partnership aligns with our vision of empowering the customer with transparent and trustworthy solutions. Now, olive customers can find local repair facilities and schedule repairs 24x7x365 further enhancing olive's efforts as the Online leader for Mechanical Breakdown Coverage™."

The RepairPal Certified Network consists of thoroughly assessed and highly reputed shops nationwide, where repairs are done at competitive prices with quality parts and an attentive staff. With the new partnership, olive will now be able to send their members and clients to RepairPal Certified shops with the assurance that they will get high-quality repairs at a fair price. olive's clientele will greatly benefit from this partnership as this now allows them to select the repair center nearest to them almost instantly, thereby allowing them to get their vehicle fixed and back on the road quickly.

Kathleen Long, VP of Networks at RepairPal states, "One of the most difficult unexpected expenses to recover from is a mechanical breakdown, and we are delighted to partner with olive as part of the solution to that problem. We can match olive customers to a high-quality RepairPal Certified shop in their area when they need to get their car repaired. Together, we are truly providing peace of mind and delivering an excellent service experience."

Members who have olive coverage, will be able to access trusted repair facilities and RepairPal Certified shops, which provide a minimum 12-month and 12,000-mile warranty for repairs. This will help olive clients when filing a claim for repairs needed as well. Overall, the ease and simplicity of this process helps save time and money and eases what may otherwise be a difficult situation. olive believes in preventing a breakdown from becoming a meltdown.

As such, olive coverage generally protects the lubricated parts of the engine and transmission, electrical components, AC systems and more - even the instrument cluster. At a fraction of the cost of a significant repair, olive's reasonable and small payment increments help a client get out of the shop and back on the road. This is why olive is the online leader for mechanical breakdown coverage™.

A highlight of olive's mechanical breakdown coverage options is that it offers mechanical breakdown insurance ('MBI') for California residents, unlike most competitors in the mechanical breakdown coverage space. For the remaining states, olive offers vehicle service contracts ('VSC'). Both Olive's MBI products and VSC products offer no yearly mileage restrictions up to 185,000 Miles. This ensures that, whether a customer signs on with 36,000 miles or up to 140,000 miles on their vehicle, they will be covered up to 185,000 no matter how many miles they drive in a year. In addition, olive coverage goes with its customers no matter where the customer drives in the US and Canada.

olive mechanical breakdown coverage offers many benefits. The waiting period is almost nonexistent as a customer may get a quote today and receive coverage the following day. A customer may also start their plan with up to 140,000 miles on their vehicle. Each plan offers a three year term and the customer can cancel at any time. The quality of this service is evident in the many positive testimonials the company has received so far. Donna P. states in a testimonial highlighted on the company website, "I was worried until my service worker said 'no problem' after calling for authorization. From then on, it was seamless and efficient. My olive warranty is the best thing that's happened for my car, and the most worry-free purchase I've made in a long time."

olive allows its customers to quickly and securely receive a quote for coverage online, and then manage their accounts 100% online. olive offers 3 deductibles and 3 plan levels giving each customer 9 total options to choose from, making olive easy to afford no matter any budget. From high-mileage commuting to low-mileage weekend fun, olive has the perfect plan to cover olive® your adventures.

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