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A Unique Tool - Kamikoto's Most Popular Knives and Knife Sets

Thursday, 01 April 2021 02:15 PM


An overview of the company's most highly regarded and best-selling items, as well as what some of the world's top chefs have to say about them.

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2021 / While there are many products in Kamikoto's catalogue of blades that have garnered the Japanese online knife retailer acclaim by restaurateurs and knife enthusiasts the world over, two or three stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The seven-inch Nakiri vegetable knife has made quite a splash in certain elevated circles within the gourmet restaurant industry. Some of the world's foremost chefs have made on-the-record statements praising the model, especially with regard to its design and physical composition. In the words of Josh Hershkovitz, owner, proprietor, and head chef of Hersh's, a staple of the Baltimore, Maryland restaurant scene and a listed member of the 100 best restaurants in America as compiled by Forbes, "(a)s soon as I picked up the Nakiri, the weight and balance told me I was going to love it. Anything I cut with the Nakiri feels like slicing through soft butter with that wonderful blade."

Likewise, Kamikoto's seven-inch Santoku knife has cemented its reputation amongst gourmet food preparers as a preferable alternative to the more mainstream chef's knives manufactured by other companies. Its wide sheepsfoot blade with no tip-a distinct feature of Japanese blade making-is thought by many top chefs and restaurant workers to be superior to the more ubiquitous, European-inspired knives that feature a broad, upward-curving blade with a tip. The Santoku knife is also somewhat heftier in weight than mainstream chef's knives, yet more evenly balanced.

But the most popular item offered by Kamikoto is the Kanpeki Knife Set. Included in the set is the seven-inch Nakiri vegetable knife, an eight and a half inch slicing knife, and a five-inch utility knife, all forged with Honshu steel and featuring a single bevel blade. Each of these knives is handcrafted by a team of artisans versed in the ancient craft of blade smithing, as are all of Kamikoto's knives. The Kanpeki Knife Set is presented in an aesthetically pleasing and functional ash wood box for safekeeping and storage. It is also worth noting that every purchase of a Kamikoto product comes with both free international shipping and a limited lifetime guarantee included.

According to Rupert Blease, Executive Chef, and co-owner of Lord Stanley, one of the hottest restaurants in San Francisco, California, "(my staff and I) are so impressed with the Kamikoto knives. They are both of extremely high quality whilst being functional and appropriate for everyday kitchen use," adding that he would "highly recommend them for professional and home use."

Indeed, from Jeremy Shigekane, head chef and owner of the celebrated establishment Chef Mavro in Honolulu, Hawaii to Hans Neuner, executive chef of the renowned Ocean Restaurant in Alporchinhos, Portugal, these fine knives are heartily endorsed by many of the most elite gourmet food preparers the world has to offer. As far as Kamikoto is concerned, there is no higher honor.

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About Kamikoto:

Kamikoto is a company based in Tokyo, Japan whose sole purpose is to produce knives of unrivalled quality. Drawing on the rich legacy of blade work that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, Kamikoto set out to develop single bevel steel knives that would be celebrated by the world's foremost chefs, food professionals, and ardent knife enthusiasts alike as the finest in production today, bar none. In seeking to accomplish this lofty goal, the company sought the wisdom of traditional knife making specialists whose generational expertise can be traced back through many centuries. This accrued wealth of knowledge, combined with Kamikoto's strict policy of using only high-quality Japanese steel, has culminated in the fulfillment of the company's original vision.


Tsuyoshi Inagaki
Client Relationship Manager
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SOURCE: Kamikoto

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