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New Feature Article by Ontario Green Savings Looks at Reasons to Build a Home with a Smart Home Automation System

Thursday, 01 April 2021 02:15 PM

Ontario Green Savings

The leading smart home rental program provider highlights that a smart home automation system is an essential must-have, and not an optional nice-to-have.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2021 / Ontario Green Savings, a leading Smart Home Rental Program provider in Ontario that delivers energy saving and smart home automation solutions to thousands of customers across the province, has crafted a new feature article that highlights five key reasons to build a home with a smart home automation system.

The feature article is published by Realty Times, and available here on the official site. Reality Times provides real estate buying and selling advice for consumers, as well as essential and timely advice for Agents and other real estate industry professionals.

According to Ontario Green Savings, the game-changing reasons why a building a new home with a smart home automation system is essential vs. optional are: enhanced comfort and convenience; reduced environmental impact; improved security; home management; and higher home value.

With respect to enhanced comfort and convenience, Ontario Green Savings points out that a smart home automation system enables homeowners to control a wide range of settings, such as lighting, home entertainment, and appliance use (e.g. preheating the oven or starting the dishwasher through a smartphone app, etc.).

Regarding reduced environmental impact, Ontario Green Savings discusses that a smart home automation system lets homeowners remotely change temperature levels (throughout the home or in specific rooms). It is also possible to instruct the system to automatically adjust the HVAC system if someone leaves a door or window open.

In terms of strengthening security, Ontario Green Savings highlights that a smart home automation system establishes an interconnected network of motion detectors, automated door and window locks, surveillance cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and other security devices. If one device goes off, then the others check in to see if the problem is localized or widespread. Homeowners are also alerted through push notifications if there is any potential trouble.

As for enhancing home management, Ontario Green Savings shares that smart home automation gives homeowners useful and accurate insights into various home management aspects, such as how much time - and therefore money - is spent watching TV, using appliances, and illuminating certain areas of the home (inside and out). This actionable intelligence can then be used to make simple adjustments that can significantly reduce energy costs.

And last but certainly not least, when it comes to increasing home value Ontario Green Savings notes that a smart home automation system helps trigger what sellers want more than anything else: a quick no-nonsense sale for top dollar.

"Once homeowners experience what smart home automation systems can do, they are astonished by the possibilities and impact," commented a spokesperson from Ontario Green Savings. "Indeed, we are not far away from a time when the question people will ask is no longer `can we afford to build a new home with a smart home automation system?', but rather ‘with so many remarkable benefits and advantages, how can we afford not to include a robust and feature-rich smart home automation system?'"

About Ontario Green Savings

Ontario Green Savings believes in making high-efficiency products affordable for all families in Ontario. Ontario Green Savings Cost Neutral program has assisted over 50,000 consumers with their home's high-efficiency energy upgrades and the applications of various provincial, federal, and utility rebates. As a result, hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebates were issued by the relevant parties and received by Ontario residents, and millions of dollars were saved on energy bills. All programs are designed to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of each household in Ontario. Ontario Green Savings' environmental impact has added up to be equivalent to planting 4,500 acres of green space

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SOURCE: Ontario Green Savings

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