Browning Associates Reviews: Covid 19 Presents Whole New Dilemma for Job Seekers
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Browning Associates Reviews: Covid 19 Presents Whole New Dilemma for Job Seekers

Sunday, March 28, 2021 9:50 PM
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PROVIDENCE, RI / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2021 / John Seraichyk, Founder Browning Associates, says the most notorious paradox of the economy during the last few decades is arguably the loss of manufacturing jobs. At the same time, the manufactured material's output has simultaneously never been higher. With the world's population growing, food production, everyday use items, and especially technology are exponential. Nevertheless, the number of factories closed in the US since 2001 has exceeded 70,000.

During this period, the Great Financial Institution crisis of 2007-2009 significantly contributed to simultaneous job loss in the US. Millions of manufacturing professionals and executives were not only losing jobs but far worse; for many, their entire skillset became obsolescent overnight. During this time, Browning Associates assisted hundreds of displaced professionals with changing careers and finding new employment in similar industry sectors. They soon learned the importance of helping professionals identify transferable job skills, industries that were synergistic with their experience, and determining what jobs, if any, were left in applicable industry verticals. Although no easy undertaking, Browning Associates has assisted many in successfully finding new employment.

COVID 19 Presents a Whole New Dilemma for Job Seekers

The Covid 19 pandemic has presented a similar problem. However, it is much more widespread. Some of the industries most impacted by COVID-19 are Airlines, Leisure facilities, Oil & Gas Drilling, Retail, and Hospitality across most sectors.

Combined job loss in the US has now exceeded twenty million. Although some of these unemployed workers will return to their jobs as the pandemic recedes, many will not.

What makes this job market much more complex, says Seraichyk, is the mass number of people who have lost jobs in multiple industry sectors. Historically, recessions have affected single industry verticals. However, Covid continues to hollow out multiple sectors at an alarming rate. Of course, this means more people vying for fewer jobs. While some of these jobs may return, many will not.

According to Seraichyk, your best defense in this job market is to know how to reinvent or repackage your skillset and best position and promote your brand in new areas of interest and expertise. An updated resume rewrite with a spray and pray methodology is just not adequate.

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