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olive(R) Expanding Mechanical Breakdown Coverage Across the U.S.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021 04:00 AM


WALNUT, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2021 / olive®, based in Walnut Creek, CA, is thrilled to announce that it will be expanding its business to provide mechanical breakdown and extended warranty solutions in all fifty states. olive® currently offers for sale mechanical breakdown coverage products (commonly referred to as "extended auto warranties") in all states other than Washington and Florida. According to Dan Stratford, Senior Director of Digital Strategy for olive ®, "olive® intends to offer coverage in both Florida and Washington by the end of 2nd Qtr. 2021. Extended auto warranties solutions for used cars have increased in importance because people are keeping their cars longer and, as of late, have longer payment terms." olive® mechanical breakdown products generally provide protection for lubricated parts of the engine and transmission, AC systems, electrical components, and when needed, even the instrument cluster.

There are a number of advantages to olive® mechanical breakdown coverage products. First of all, technology in cars has become much more complex, which means there is a much higher risk of a breakdown or repair need and mechanical breakdown coverage can protect the car owner from very expensive car repairs. Second, an olive® breakdown product can provide the car owner with peace of mind and convenience. Third, it can protect the car owner's budget because mechanical breakdown coverage can provide protection after the factory warranty has run out. Finally, it provides better car value. A vehicle with mechanical breakdown coverage is more likely to have been maintained and to be in good running condition. Thus, such vehicles tend to have more value for an owner at the time of sale or trade in. An olive® mechanical breakdown product can be transferred to the vehicle's new owner without a transfer fee.

Stratford continues, "At a fraction of the cost of a significant repair, olive's bite-sized payment increments help get you out of the shop and back on the road. We're on a mission to give peace of mind back to vehicle ownership, one driver at a time." In addition, olive's mechanical breakdown coverage products have no annual mileage restrictions up to 185,000 miles. Thus, whether the car owner has bought coverage for 36,000 miles or up to 140,000 miles, the policy will cover all the way up to 185,000 miles, regardless of how many miles the car owner has driven in one year.

"There are a number of factors that make the mechanical breakdown coverage offered by olive® stand out among the crowd. These include: startup coverage of up to 140,000 miles, a nearly instant quote process, the option to purchase 100% online, and next day coverage. Other benefits include manageable monthly payments, coverage up to 185,000 miles with no annual mileage restrictions and the ability to cancel anytime without a fee," concludes Stratford.

olive® mechanical breakdown coverage products are available for cars that are less than 10 model years old and have 140,000 miles or under. The quality of the product and the reputation and customer service offered by olive® exceed consumer expectations. olive® has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a five-star overall rating on Google. olive® can ensure quality of coverage because its products are backed by an A Rated global insurer.

All olive® mechanical breakdown coverage products offered by olive® have several payment and plan level options. olive® offers 3 deductibles and 3 plan levels to choose from giving the consumer 9 total options, all with unique coverage details. Customers can expect olive® to be transparent in its options so they don't pay a penny more than necessary.

To learn more about the extended car warranty solutions available from olive®, visit or contact an olive® Coverage Advocate at

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