Ivrnet Announces Industry Leading Cryptocurrency Partnership
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Ivrnet Announces Industry Leading Cryptocurrency Partnership

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 2:30 AM
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CALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2021 / Ivrnet Inc. (TSXV:IVI) ("Ivrnet"), a leading developer of value added business automation software, is pleased to announce a unique addition to its industry leading Telepay platform.

Through a new partnership with ForumPay, Ivrnet will be able to accept Cryptocurrency as payment and will build a Cryptocurrency payment gateway into its Ivrnet Central platform, which includes Telepay. ForumPay allows companies to accept payments in Cryptocurrency and deposit those payments into their bank accounts in fiat currency. Ivrnet has signed an annual ISO agreement with ForumPay that will allow Ivrnet to enable existing and new clients with ForumPay Merchant accounts, giving our clients the ability to take Cryptocurrency as payments as well.

ForumPay empowers consumers to purchase goods and services using their preferred Cryptocurrency with their preferred wallet, while seamlessly enabling the merchant to receive payments for those goods and services in their preferred currency in their preferred bank account. Merchants will receive the sales price in the currency of their choice securely and without delay.

Said Andrew Watts, "We see the growth of Cryptocurrencies and the affect it is having everywhere. By Ivrnet incorporating this seamless payment gateway into Telepay our clients will be able to offer further payment options to their customers. This is an extremely exciting field of growth in financial technology, and we look forward to deploying it soon."

"Having an established company such as Ivrnet adding Cryptocurrency as a method of payment through their existing technology is exactly what we work on achieving everyday. Ivrnet incorporating this technology into their IVR payment gateways is incredibly innovative and very strategic for everyone involved. We are really looking forward to this partnership," added Joshua Tate, Chief Executive Officer of ForumPay.

Ivrnet continues to be innovative with technology and is looking forward to integrating further payment technologies to its Central Platform for secure online and secure over the phone payments. Through over the phone payments using Telepay, client payments can be both automated and call centre agent assisted. Telepay descopes enterprises PCI Compliance to Ivrnet, which in turn reduces fraud and data breach, increases customer satisfaction through simple automation, and saves the enterprise costs by reducing or eliminating agent call time and PCI audit costs.

For further information on Ivrnet's Telepay solution visit: https://ivrnet.com/modules/payments/


About Ivrnet

Ivrnet is a software and communications company that develops, hosts, sells and supports value‐added business automation software. The company's products and services are delivered through the Internet and traditional phone network. These applications facilitate automated interaction through personalized communication between people, mass communication for disseminating information to thousands of people concurrently, and personalized communication between people and automated systems.

For further information: please contact Andrew Watts, President and CEO, Ivrnet Inc.; Suite 222, 1338 - 36 Avenue NW, Calgary, Alberta T2E 6T6; Tel/fax 1.800.351.7227; E-mail: [email protected]; www.ivrnet.com.

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SOURCE: Ivrnet Inc.

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