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BitMax Relaunches as AscendEX

Monday, 22 March 2021 11:05


SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / March 22, 2021 /, a leading crypto and digital asset trading platform serving professional and retail traders, announced today that it has relaunched as AscendEx in the English-speaking world, and "Dingfeng" to Chinese speakers.

Originally launched in 2018, the trading venue has experienced three years of steady growth and adoption of its native BTMX Token. This new brand identity is meant to evoke the uplifting power of crypto assets, and the overall growth the industry has seen over the past couple years.

"This new brand name is inspired by the rapid rise of both our industry, and that of the many people taking part in it," said AscendEX CEO George Cao. "So many have benefitted from increasing valuation of Bitcoin, DeFi and other tokens through newfound access to financial services where there previously were none, or have even been able to accumulate significant wealth - this transformation is unprecedented in our lifetimes."

The color scheme of our new logo uses a primary color of "water blue," an energetic visual contrast against the secondary color of calming "midnight blue." We hope this color combination evokes a strong sense of reliability and security in a dynamic, rapidly-changing marketplace. Our new logo will continue the symbolism of a sailboat, but this updated design extends the capital letter "A" to chart an upward trajectory for reaching new highs.

BitMax, Monday, March 22, 2021, Press release picture

The AscendEX name reflects an aspiration to help all users gain access to these sometimes life-changing benefits, and also a goal of benefitting the advancement of the entire blockchain industry; and the name Dingfeng is a nod to AscendEX that also marks a new starting point in our goal to be a leading digital asset financial platform.

"As AscendEX continues the growth journey from BitMax days, we have been able to build a unique experience that brings together the best of both centralized finance and decentralized finance," said Ariel Ling, COO. "Going forward, we aim to further integrate more core tenets of DeFi and ascend to the pinnacle of our industry."

In a recent report published by the research firm CryptoCompare, was named a top tier crypto asset exchange. This is only the beginning of our planned climb to the top of the mountain.

About AscendEX

Originally founded in 2018 as, AscendEX is a leading crypto and digital asset financial platform catering to both professional and retail traders. Our venue offers spot, futures and margin trading, and incorporates key elements from the DeFi space to foster a unique market structure for users. AscendEX is led by a team of Wall Street veterans who have applied traditional market rigor to create a robust, secure, and reliable experience for all participants; and a consistent source of liquidity for primary offerings.

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