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Crypto's Next Trillion-Dollar Coin Reveal by Teeka Tiwari: Must Have or a Total Bust?

Monday, 22 March 2021 10:45 AM

BROADWAY, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 22, 2021 / Teeka Tiwari, the editor of Palm Beach Confidential, believes he has uncovered the cryptocurrency next trillion-dollar coin and will reveal details about it on March 31st at 8 pm ET. It would be the second coin, after Bitcoin, to hit a market cap of one trillion dollars.

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The idea of a cryptocurrency hitting trillion dollars market cap might seem absurd. After all, little over 10 years ago they did not even exist.

However, that is exactly what happened to the top crypto, Bitcoin, when it recently hit one trillion dollars in market cap. In fact, at the time of this it is at $1,095,590,200,324.

Which seems like a big number but is it?

The easiest way to comprehend such number is compare it to the worth of some of the top companies in the world. Which surprisingly is a short list as there are only 4 companies worth a trillion or more.

According to Hurun Global 500 the most valued companies in the world are:

  • Apple with $2.21 trillion
  • Microsoft with $1.64 trillion
  • Amazon with $1.61 trillion
  • Alphabet (Google) with $1.22 trillion

The surprising thing is that none of these companies are more than 50 years old with Microsoft being the oldest as it was started in 1975 and Apple in 1976. Google and Amazon are not even 30 years old with Amazon being started in 1994 and Google in 1998.

There is no "old money" in these tech companies, yet they are dominating the financial space.

Imagine being able to invest in these companies years ago when they were worth 1/10 or 1/20 they are now. For example, amazon was only worth about $75 billion 10 years ago.

The main difference with cryptos is that those kinds of gains can be possible in a year, 6 months or even one month.

Is it Cryptos Time with The Next Trillion Dollar Coin?

Despite some investors writing off cryptocurrency as useless, like Warren Buffet, cryptos are clearly paving the way to a new financial system, smart contracts and decentralization.

With that said, it would not be the first time Warren Buffet was wrong about tech. He avoided Google, Amazon and Apple, now the top companies, for decades. In fact, in 2011 he was buying IBM stocks while dismissing Google and Amazon, which he calls one of his biggest mistakes.

While this does not negate Warren's status as a legendary investor it hardly makes him an authority on new tech or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. After all, he is 90 years old and maybe passed his prime.

So, What Could Be the Next Trillion Dollar Coin According to Teeka Tiwari?

While the details will be revealed on March 31st at 8pm ET by Teeka Tiwari, voted "The #1 Most Trusted Expert in Cryptocurrency" by 130,000 analysts, the speculations are high.

The obvious choice from the market point would be Ethereum (ETH) also known as Ether. With the current market cap of $211 billion it looks like a clear favor. It is also the second most popular crypto with a solid tech and massive network of ERC-20 tokens.

For example, both popular cryptos like stablecoin tether and oracle service Chainlink were created as ERC-20 tokens.

Does that mean Ethereum will be the next trillion dollar coin?

It's possible, but its been plagued with high fees and unless they are fixed it could be a problem to 5x its market cap before another coin gets to a trillion. For Ether to break one trillion today it would need to be $8,685.70 per coin.

However, it took Bitcoin only 5 months to go from a market cap where Ethereum is at now to a trillion dollars. It could possibly be Ether but after following the mad crypto genius Teeka Tiwari for a while it looks like he has another coin on his mind.

Dive in deeper into the analysis of what's the next trillion dollar coin on or to sign up for the live reveal with Teeka Tiwari


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