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Face Yoga Becomes #1 Growing Beauty Trend to Combat Aging

Tuesday, 16 March 2021 06:00 AM


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2021 / An independent survey performed in the United States asked over 1,000 women what is the newest and useful addition to their beauty routine. The results revealed that Face Yoga ranked as the number one recent beauty practice, with the goal of reversing the effects of aging on the face.

FACE YOGA, Tuesday, March 16, 2021, Press release picture

When someone wants to tighten and tone their body, it's natural to turn to yoga.

Why should tightening and toning the face be any different?

That's the question millions of beauty-conscious individuals are asking around the world, with the unique facial exercise programs of Face Yoga providing the ground-breaking answer.

There are no difficult poses, no need to buy expensive yoga pants, no need to leave home at all. Put simply, the aim of Face Yoga is simply movement. With improved blood circulation, assisted by manual facial exercises, tired and sagging skin becomes tightened and toned, countering the effects of stress and age.

As an alternative anti-aging beauty treatment, Face Yoga doesn't require painful injections, expensive over-the-counter creams, or even expensive private classes. In fact, this revolutionary skincare and beauty regime can, and is, performed at home.

Using controlled programs, like those through, to target the 42 muscles of the face, Face Yoga is growing in popularity due to the COVID-safe protocols of each session. All that's needed is a face, spare time, and a willingness to follow a set Face Yoga routine targeting problem areas and trouble spots.

More than a fleeting fad, dermatologists agree there is truth in the claims of this non-invasive beauty routine to minimize stress lines and smooth wrinkles. "The goal of face yoga is to increase the blood and oxygen supply to your skin, which improves the life of the cell," explains Deborah Longwill, a board-certified dermatologist at Miami Center for Dermatology.

Relieving the constant pressure of expensive skincare treatments during the economic challenges of 2020/21, and reducing the need to travel to beauty appointments during a time when social mobility has been restricted, Face Yoga is part of the non-surgical skincare and beauty treatment wave embraced by women and men to prevent the onset of lines, wrinkles and age marks.

There's no doubt the beauty industry will continue to grow and evolve to meet changing consumer demands and cultural expectations, as it always has. For now, Face Yoga is an entrenched and effective anti-aging and skincare routine, with thousands of years of history.

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