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Tackling Future Challenges with AI, Unicorn Trading System Creates the Absolute Trading Formula

Friday, 12 March 2021 09:20 AM

First Union Capital Ltd.

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2021 / Since the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was introduced by American scientist John McCarthy in 1955, AI has been one of the keys to the development of various industries. In recent years, AI has become a hot topic which drawn worldwide attention due to the sophistication of Internet usage. According to the statistics of AT Kearney, an internationally renowned consulting firm, between 2016 and 2020, the market growth rate of AI and robotics financial management in the United States exceeds 68%, and the asset size reaches 2.2 trillion US dollars, which indicates that nearly 80% of the transactions on Wall Street have been converted to AI robotics transactions. Therefore, "AI financial management system" is regarded by the market as the future trend in the investment industry.

Dean Greyson, the Chief Technology Officer of First Union Capital Group, mentioned in an interview recently that AI is the biggest opportunity for business success, just as the Internet was 20 years ago. The earlier a company masters AI, the more competitive it can be in the future. Financial investment is one of the most popular financing methods in the world today, but most people are prone to miss trading opportunities and may even lose their money due to factors such as the complexity of the trading platform interface, the insufficiency of financial knowledge, lack of time for trading operations and so on.

Through more than 10 years of big data collection and instant connection with dozens of exchanges, top banks and news agencies around the world, the top-rated digital finance team of First Union Capital Group has created a set of vector analysis database that eliminates human emotions and is the fastest vector analysis database in the financial industry - "Unicorn Algorithmic Trading System". Since its launch in 2017, the system has attracted extensive attention from online traders and has rapidly accumulated hundreds of thousands of I-Traders in the UK. The Unicorn Algorithmic Trading System has achieved an outstanding trading volume of over $30 billion in just five years.

I-Trader (Intelligent Trader) is a new generation of online trader term introduced by the Unicorn trading platform, which means that online traders can quickly and easily grasp financial trends and have a solid profit and low risk trading model through the Unicorn Algorithmic Trading System.

The new dominant intelligent trading system

The Unicorn Algorithmic Trading System mainly screens out trading markets and targets through algorithms, combines investment theory and financial technology, and performs asset allocation and dynamic reallocation based on the three mathematical algorithmic models of "UNICORN Mean Reversion", "UNICORN Divergence" and "UNICRON Grid" to reduce investment risks. Through the use of AI to maximize trading automation at high frequency, the Unicorn Algorithmic Trading System with high daily win rate was developed, and it provides incomparable trading experiences for the online traders.

Apart from this, the Unicorn Algorithmic Trading System is also equipped with the ability of deep automatic machine learning, high-speed development and adjustment of AI. In the process of analyzing big data, it can simultaneously identify market movements and provide I-Trader with the best profitable trading patterns to win the maximum profit return. Such an intelligent trading system with robust and low risk has already gained lively discussion internationally and is expected to be launched in the Asian market in 2021 to serve more I-Traders to achieve their financial goals.

First Union Capital Group has mastered the top artificial intelligence technology covering technical strategies, big data analytics and algorithmic trading, and has successfully owned a large I-Trader customer base. We believe that Unicorn Trading Platform is bound to become an even larger fully intelligent trading platform, and will be the absolute trading system for everyone.

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SOURCE: First Union Capital Ltd.

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