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84% of Teachers Anticipate Trauma-Related Challenges As Students Transition Back to Full In-Person Learning in U.S. Schools

Thursday, March 11, 2021 1:20 PM
Crisis Prevention Institute

Teachers will be crucial frontline as they help students overcome effects of pandemic and re-focus on learning
Crisis Response, Classroom Re-Culturing and De-Escalation Skills Training Part of Federal COVID Relief Funding Available to Schools

MILWAUKEE, WI / ACCESSWIRE / March 11, 2021 / As many U.S. teachers, students, and parents alike prepare for or begin full-scale re-entry to in-person learning, a new study commissioned by Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) shows 84% of teachers anticipate that students will face post-traumatic challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic that will require varying degrees of focus to re-establish routines, classroom behaviors, and education-conducive learning environments. With that insight in mind, CPI today announced it is customizing its accredited verbal de-escalation training to also offer supplemental educator-specific content to help ensure teachers and administrators have the proper tools to best assist returning students following a trauma-centered year. The additional training elements are being developed by CPI, the global leader in de-escalation training, in partnership with national education trauma expert Dr. Lori Desautels.

"Students and families, as well as teachers and administrators, have faced major adversity in the past year, and as schools return to full-time, in-person learning, America's educators are rightly concerned," said Susan Driscoll, president of CPI. "Many students have faced significant trauma ranging from home isolation and loss of family members to changes in or lack of routine. Simply restarting school won't erase the after-effects. School staff, and thankfully our lawmakers, are anticipating those challenges and looking at how to best be prepared to re-establish learning and connections and continue classroom achievement."

According to Driscoll, she is encouraged with the federal government's support to help school districts of all sizes and circumstances prepare for success through the COVID CARES Act. Those federal funds, available now, are for education-related needs, such as for this educator training, through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Grant Program.

With its person-centered focus, CPI training for teachers and school staff will help schools prepare to manage, and more importantly, prevent crisis moments during and after re-entry. CPI training programs Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Verbal De-escalation will also help schools comply with legal mandates that apply to each state, including restraint reduction standards and training requirements.

Dr. Desautels, acclaimed author of "Connections Over Compliance: Rewiring our Perceptions of Discipline," is working in partnership with CPI to design the educator-specific training content that will be offered along with CPI's flagship and ESSER-aligned training programs at no additional cost to help schools prepare.

"In as much as healthcare workers have been our heroes on the frontline of the pandemic, so too will be our teachers and those in education as they are faced with many students who have been traumatized now returning to classrooms," said Driscoll.

"Recovery from trauma and neglect is all about relationships - rebuilding trust, regaining confidence, and returning to a sense of security," said Dr. Lori Desautels. "Our teaching moments need to support and prioritize safety and connection. The good news is that CPI de-escalation training emphasizes the co-regulation skills that can help teachers to be more confident and students to be more ready to learn."

The nationwide study, commissioned by CPI, queried approximately 600 educators who have classroom culture, behavior, and de-escalation expertise and who are CPI-certified in de-escalation training. The survey, completed in early March, has a margin of error of +/- 3%.

CPI offers a range of trainings, free resources, and tips on de-escalation in the classroom, workplace, community, and organizations. Learn more at

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Crisis Prevention Institute, Thursday, March 11, 2021, Press release picture

Crisis Prevention Institute, Thursday, March 11, 2021, Press release picture

SOURCE: Crisis Prevention Institute

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