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East Coast Electronics Recycling Says New Study About Declining e-Waste is Encouraging, but Much More Needs to be Done

Tuesday, 09 March 2021 08:30 AM

The Yale study found that the total mass of e-waste generated by Americans has been declining since 2015.

SHIRLEY, MA / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2021 / Leading electronic and computer recycling company East Coast Electronics Recycling is calling on environmentally responsible townships, businesses, hospitals, schools, government agencies, families and individuals to take credit for the results of a new study that has found the total mass of electronic waste ("e-waste") generated by Americans has been declining since 2015.

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The study, which was led by a researcher at the Yale School of the Environment's Center for Industrial Ecology and published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, found that the biggest reason for the drop is the gradual disappearance of cathode-ray tube (CRT) computer monitors and TVs from landfills. This insight has triggered a call for policymakers to revisit state-level e-waste regulations, which are typically based on mass.

"It is certainly good news that thanks to state regulations fewer big, bulky CRT monitors and TVs have been disposed of at the curb or through other improper means, where they leech harmful chemicals into the ground and harm both animal and plant life," commented a spokesperson from East Coast Electronics Recycling. "But unfortunately, this positive trend is being undermined by the fact that many individuals and organizations are tossing out smaller devices, which aggregately and over time can have a devastating impact on the environment. We need to update and modernize regulations to reflect that we are living in a very different world now than a decade ago, when some of these regulations were put in place."

The Yale study also found that, overall, the total volume of electronic items entering the waste stream since 2015 has declined slightly because of what researchers refer to as convergence - i.e. the fact that many of today's electronic items such as smartphones also function as video recorders and cameras, which reduces the need for consumers to purchase and ultimately dispose of them.

"We are also seeing a great deal of digital asset convergence on the business landscape, as companies focus on items that are versatile, multi-functional and future-proofed," commented a spokesperson from East Coast Electronics Recycling. "And while some of these businesses are recycling their e-waste when these items become obsolete or irreparable, there are still others that are either disposing of their e-waste improperly, or storing them in their corporate offices and other locations where they are taking up valuable space, and may also represent a fire and safety hazard. Getting rid of these items effectively and responsibly should be a top priority in 2021."

To help organizations of all sizes and in every sector be part of the e-waste solution -instead of contributing to the problem - East Coast Electronics Recycling offers a suite of services including: drop off container programs (secured and unsecured), electronics recycling pickup services, and electronics recycling collection events. In addition, the company offers secure data destruction for customers who want to ensure that sensitive, personal and proprietary information does not fall into the wrong hands.

"Our data destruction technology is certified by the U.S. Department of Defense, and the entire process from when we initially receive and tag an item to when we completely wipe the data is carried out, monitored, and verified in real-time by our trained specialists. Furthermore, in cases where customers cannot remarket their e-waste due to compliance rules or any other reason, we use a state-of-the-art device shredder that destroys data as well as the physical hard drive."

Organizations can learn more about East Coast Electronics Recycling - and learn how the company delivers on its promise "we take care of everything so you won't need to" - by visiting or by calling 877.537.9940.

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Headquartered in Shirley, MA, East Coast Electronics Recycling is a leading electronic and computer recycling company serving organizations in Washington, D.C. Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. Services include secure data destruction, drop off container programs, electronics recycling pickup services, and electronics recycling collection events.


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