Revolutionizing the Blockchain Tech and Bitcoin World, This Is the Story of Bohdan Prilepa
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Revolutionizing the Blockchain Tech and Bitcoin World, This Is the Story of Bohdan Prilepa

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 2:45 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 3, 2021 / Entering the world of technology is a make or break kind of moment. This is the same for Bohdan Prilepa who began his first steps into the technology world just a few years ago. He decided to take that leap of faith and not turn back!

"When you enter the blockchain technology market, you either run away or stay. I stayed. For me, it's a huge new world, where everything is changing at a cosmic speed. Look at the way cryptocurrencies have gone in a relatively short time period, for bitcoin was first launched only in 2009. How much has happened in this area in these 12 years, it seems like in cryptocurrencies, each year of development is equal to a decade. And I am glad I am not just a witness to this progress, but an active participant in it," Bohdan remarks.

Now the CEO of multiple companies, the leap into the world of technology clearly has paid off for Bohdan. He is spearheading numerous projects in an attempt to revolutionize the market and do more than the average tech company.

"Now I present an ambitious new blockchain project. This fork of Bitcoin is called Bitcoin Ultimatum, BTCU. This is a somewhat revolutionary name, and we gave it to the project for a reason. We really want to revolutionize the crypto market. The product we are presenting has been lacking in this market for a long time. Because there is bitcoin, in which many want to invest money, but the coin itself in terms of technology has long been outdated. Mining on machines, the transactions confirming from half an hour to a whole day. And there is also the second coin by capitalization - ether. For its time, it was a super-innovative platform, but today, as we can see, Ethereum cannot cope with the glory that has fallen on it. Yes, they are great, they are taking some steps, implementing PoS. But staking and sharding implementation will take about two years, and it is still unknown how all this will take root and how it will work. We are initially building a hybrid of these two networks, and also with the most advanced features that neither BTC nor ETH have," Bohdan states.

Bitcoin Ultimatum and Bohdan's method of operating is incredibly different from other companies and this has helped skyrocket him to the top of this environment. He is making big waves by trying to create this universal coin.

"If we talk about Bitcoin Ultimatum, then our difference from all other cryptocurrencies is that they have one or two useful properties with which they enter the market. We are making a universal coin, which has the properties of the two most powerful cryptocurrencies and, in addition, its own advantages, which BTC and ETH do not have. BTCU will immediately work on staking, plus we decided to confirm transactions through the Proof of Authority mechanism, thanks to which we were able to completely abandon mining on devices. Smart contracts can be launched on the BTCU blockchain, while we are a fork of Bitcoin," Bohdan explains.

"While I'm working on current projects, in particular, we still have a lot of work to do on the Bitcoin Ultimatum project. I want to invite all to join our great BTCU community and become a part of the crypto revolution" Bohdan exclaims.

To find out more about Bohdan, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.


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