Snoopreport Launches New Feature Allowing To See What Someone Liked On Instagram In The Past
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Snoopreport Launches New Feature Allowing To See What Someone Liked On Instagram In The Past

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 12:00 PM
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The Instagram activity tracking tool lets businesses and individuals see target audiences activity log via subscription.

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 2, 2021 / Instagram monitoring service Snoopreport is announcing the launch of a new feature, starting February 2021 clients can get any public Instagram account's activity data from up to 52 weeks in the past. It will allow marketing experts, researchers, journalists as well as individuals to get actionable insights about Instagram users behaviour.

Instagram Activity Tracker lets friends, romantic partners, parents, business professionals and companies legally track a public user's likes and follows. Subscribers receive insights via weekly and monthly reports per tiered monthly plan.

Benefits for users:

  • Figure out trends among certain audience
  • Discover and benchmark competitor marketing methods
  • Get business intelligence insights
  • Analyze audience's preferences to adjust the content
  • Oversee someone's activities and prevent harmful actions or influences
  • Confirm relationships via mutual likes

Benefits of getting reports from the past

Initially service was designed to collect likes and follows in real-time, after tracking was started. After getting insights from thousands of individuals and businesses across the world about the benefits of getting retrospective reports Snoopreport team decided to implement this feature and make it available to the public. Snoopreport helps large companies (such as Fortune 500) in mission-critical projects, such projects require reliable data, usually at least a couple of months of someone's activity. Seeing what someone liked and followed on Instagram in the past allows them to save a significant amount of time on research and get deep activity data within a week instead of collecting real-time actions for months.

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