Eric Dalius - Marketing Executive, Real estate Investor, Crypto Strategist, and more.
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Eric Dalius - Marketing Executive, Real estate Investor, Crypto Strategist, and more.

Friday, February 26, 2021 2:45 PM
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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2020 / Eric Dalius, the senior marketing executive and 3rd generation real estate investor, well-known for his crypto investment successes (which to date exceed $100 million), has recently helped complete the $1MM seed round for a Miami Opportunity Zone start-up. He is currently evaluating other business opportunities.

Eric Dalius - on success and achievements

Eric Dalius business career dates back to 1994, with his entry into the expanding field of telecommunications. His experiences since then have covered multiple business sectors, and led to his recent emerging efforts to build a philanthropic portfolio. These charitable activities center around his Eric Dalius Foundation. The foundation aims to help college age students attain vital financial aid. Through his many activities, he seeks a balance of sorts. His actions show a concern for helping others achieve success. A way of "paying forward".

Eric Dalius - an overview of his education and career

He received his undergraduate degree from Penn State in 1992. Upon graduating, he got to work, and through grit, determination, and professionalism, found great success. This success can be found from his earliest days as a sales rep for MCI telecommunications, where he became one of the top marketing representatives in the company within one year. He has achieved great success through innovations that have been much imitated. Ever the collaborator, these efforts have always been shared with those around him

From his days at MCI, through all the intervening years, he has set an example for what it means to be a marketing expert, business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has displayed a a consistent knack for timing, that can be seen in his cryptocurrency activities, and his real estate investments. Through all of these activities, his long career has generated $200 million.

It is plain to see that Eric Dalius has lived life to the fullest, and done his part to "spread the wealth" of his many successes. The proof of his past successes, including those mentioned above, and those not, make it simple to see that his emerging philanthropic efforts will grow into something he will be proud of for years to come.

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Imperium Group:

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