COVID Relief From a Philanthropy Chief in the Middle of Global Grief
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COVID Relief From a Philanthropy Chief in the Middle of Global Grief

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 8:45 PM
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With a nomination for the 2020 China Philanthropy Award under his belt, Jicheng Lyu is on a mission to continue alleviation services to the most disadvantaged.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 23, 2021 / Leading a team of 300 staff members and volunteers, Jicheng Lyu knows philanthropy better than anyone. Through assistance and alleviation, he is on the front lines of supporting communities and service organizations.


The recent China Philanthropy Award nominee knows that to enact true change in the world, it takes many different organizations and selfless drive. Most importantly, those wishing to alter their communities need to do so because of the good that will come rather than existing ulterior motives.

Lyu comments: "Donation amounts are many times used as a testimony to prove a donor's warm hearts to the poor. People are willing to donate money for the privilege of becoming a lifesaver in the eyes of the world."

This is why Jicheng Lyu started the Sinic Venture Philanthropy. He believes in local grassroots organizations being the stimulant to change. In fact, his initiative funds over 400 civil societies with more than 1.49 million dollars. Lyu and his team carry out poverty alleviation projects in 516 villages and for 74,334 (and counting!) impoverished households. As a result, their work has exponentially been recognized and financially continued.

Their outstanding corporate social responsibility has been authentically acknowledged by more than just the public. Jicheng Lyu and his team have been honored with a China Philanthropy Award nomination. This is one of the most prestigious awards that they can receive.

Upon receiving this recognition, Lyu responded: "I am glad that my work has helped nonprofits become a recognized force who could make meaningful contributions to China's development."

The road towards philanthropic success always begins and ends with those whose lives have been changed for the better. Jicheng Lyu considers his work with Save the Children to be among his most impactful. On the first day of the program, standing in front of the doorway to an auditorium, Lyu realized that this forum was different. This was the first time that Save the Children had developed a program geared towards empowering disadvantaged youths. It had the possibility to impact individual lives and entire generations. This Save the Children event was considered Vocational Education and donated by Accenture. Forums were held to promote and establish soft skills in young adults aged 16 through 25. It also encouraged companies to place a greater number of people from different backgrounds in their open positions.

In his own words, Jicheng Lyu describes this event: "In these workshops, migrant youth commented on policies and expressed what they needed in employment procedure. This became the input of topics discussed in the forum."

This beneficially impacted both marginalized people and the companies who attended the workshops.

After much research, it was discovered that migrant youths were facing two main difficulties in the professional sphere. One was pressure from companies to have a wide variety of experiences that were not available to them. Another was social pressure. Their social network included mostly those in their families and others who share the same place of birth. People from other backgrounds and with other networks were not as connected to them. When Jicheng Lyu and his team spoke to the young adults, he not only gave them professional advice, but he also broadened their horizons and expanded their network.

Over 10,000 young people were taught how to explore their strengths, build positive attitudes, effectively find jobs, make impactful decisions, be efficient, manage money, and understand health practices. With this knowledge under their belts, 91% of 10,360 migrant youths had expressed increased confidence in finding jobs. Seven schools have since integrated soft skill courses into their daily lessons. 307 teachers have a deeper understanding of how to express these lessons to their future students.

More than 8 corporations and 30 stakeholders have retained what they learned with Save the Children. They recruit migrant youths into their workplace and have remained focused on the cause.

Building workplace confidence is taught through a process of lectures, participatory classes, and training sessions. With career conversations led by professionals and organized classes set to systemically elaborate upon lessons, the young adults discussed and brainstormed as a group. They problem-solved together and experienced success on both an individual and collaborative level. In working with disadvantaged youths, Lyu was able to experience their transformations firsthand. With knowledge and confidence in hand, the futures of these students are bright and well-connected.

This was not the only instance where Jicheng Lyu brought brightness in a formerly dark place. April 2020 marked a time when grief was always imminent. Covid-19 destroyed everything in its path. Wreckage remained and the world needed help. Seeing this, Jicheng Lyu jumped into action. He knew to use everything in his wheelhouse to help the people who are on the front lines, saving lives.

He launched the "Promotion Plan for Good Doers" as soon as the outbreak occurred. This decision saved thousands of people in destitute areas where even basic necessities were impossible to come by. Lyu spearheaded this project, delivering meals and supplies to doctors and nurses in Wuhan. Between January 30, 2020 and April 30, 2020, over 137,000 supplies were delivered to 6 different hospitals. Those receiving the supplies that Jicheng Lyu and his team brought were appreciative. Even the most basic necessities were unavailable until then.

When asked about his service, he stated: "The medical team lacked daily necessities, so we provided them with basic daily necessities such as paper, soap, hangers, and washbasins".

This was not all, though. While handing out supplies, Jicheng Lyu saw the conditions that the hospital workers and visitors had to endure. Then, it wasn't just about the basics. The team referenced a list of medical professionals' birthdays. They prepared cakes and brought them during supply runs because even when the world is in turmoil, it is important to mark the celebrations. 

In his own words: "The delivery of the cake was a trivial matter, but the medical team's feedback was very strong, and they were very moved. Think about it and understand that medical staff face a lot of pressure and struggle every day on the front line closest to the death of illness. When they return to the hotel and see the birthday cake, they will feel that they are cherished and remembered. They are not alone. The cake symbolizes sympathy and comfort."

Through service and compassion, Jicheng Lyu leads with his heart. Upon seeing openings in his community, he fills them to the brim.

His China Philanthropy Award is well earned. The aid he has brought to thousands is unmatched. His only wish is to inspire others to perform acts of kindness where they see their communities need it most.

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