Preferred Commerce Adds Second Distinguished Board Member
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Preferred Commerce Adds Second Distinguished Board Member

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 9:30 AM
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Preferred Commerce Appoints Prominent 30 yr. Veteran, Trailblazer, and Top Executive from Coca-Cola to the Board of Directors

WELLINGTON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 24, 2021 / Preferred Commerce, Inc. (OTC PINK:OCBM) announced today that, Distinguished Industry Leader, Highly Experienced Executive, and Visionary, Mr. Hal Kravitz has joined the Company's growing Board of Directors.

"Having demonstrated a keen ability to capitalize on emerging trends, we are thrilled to have Hal Kravitz on board. We believe that we're at the threshold of a new age in the marketplace. Recent studies reveal that the global healthy lifestyle market is projected to surpass the $314.2 billion range by 2030 near doubling the US$ 160.3 billion generated in 2020. Hal's contribution to the evolving beverage market and impressive track record with cuttingedge consumable products and relationships throughout the world will undoubtedly give us a highly distinct advantage.", stated Mike Ferraro, Co-Chairman.

Recognized as a vanguard of executives and leaders in the beverage business, Hal has contributed and succeeded at the highest levels in a wide spectrum of challenging and ground-breaking positions over the past several decades. His tenure at Coca-Cola was marked by watershed assignments in field operations, finance, and general management and ultimately President of several divisions including Glaceau/ VitaminWater, which Coke bought for over $4 Billion. His leadership of VitaminWater opened new markets for Coca Cola worldwide. Touted by many as "Coca-Cola's most ambitious and successful purchase to date", the 2007 $4.1 billion acquisition of Energy Brands, Inc., maker of Glaceau VitaminWater and Smartwater, Mr. Kravitz was appointed President of the Glaceau business unit, during which time, by 2011, had realized growth from $350 million in annual revenue to over $1 billion. He not only oversaw the newly acquired Glaceau brands, but was also instrumental in the simultaneous growth of Coca-Cola's other energy drink brands, Powerade and Fuze.Mr. Kravitz currently serves as the CEO of Certified Management Group, a food and beverage brokerage company and division of Global Broker Advantage Solutions where he also has responsibility for their C Store channel and Inside Sales businesses.

Following 3 advantageous decades with Coca-Cola, Mr. Kravitz became a founding member of InterContinental Beverage Capital, a New York-based merchant bank focused on advisory services and investment in the CPG and beverage industries. and shortly thereafter became CEO of AQUAhydrate, a Los Angeles based, premium bottled water company whose well-known investors include Yucaipa Companies Ron Burke, Mark Wahlberg and Sean "P Diddy" Combs. Mr. Kravitz is a member of the Board of Directors of Celsius Holdings. (NASDAQ:CELH) "His participation at Celsius helped us refine our business strategies and grow our distribution from just $6 million in sales to the over $100 million today, said Gerry David, Co-Chairman and former CEO of Celsius." We are excited and honored to have Hal become a team member of Preferred Commerce to help us bring our products to consumers worldwide, said Ferraro. It's always great when people believe in you but when they use your products and see real results for themselves, like Hal has, then you know you have a great future and just need the right team to get you there."

Hal has demonstrated strong senior leadership experience in the consumer goods industry. Acquired Skills include General Management, Strategic Marketing, Business Planning, Sales, and Revenue Management. With a BBA focused in Accounting from the University of Georgia, he graduated from the Terry College of Business.

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