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Pouria Bidhendi Discusses Why Green Building Design Is Essential in 2021

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 5:15 PM

Pouria Bidhendi recently discussed why green building design is essential in 2021, and future years.

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 2, 2021 / Green building is now more essential than ever before. As the worldwide population grows, the development of communities is increasing rapidly. These communities have a major impact on the Earth's natural environment. Pouria Bidhendi is a passionate environmentalist with a focus on environmental stability, and he recently discussed the importance of green building design.

Pouria Paul Bidhendi is part of a team that developed AE Concepts into a top national recruiting firm for the placement of talented architects and engineers. AE Concepts is constantly working to support environmental sustainability and green building design in the architecture and engineering industries.

"Building homes, businesses, and other structures account for 68 percent of electricity consumption in the United States," Pouria Paul said. "It's also responsible for 38 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and 39 percent of total energy use." " I'm truly excited to practice what I preach! As of March 2021, my home is going fully solar with 2 Tesla batteries, and now 106% of my electricity will be sustainable. This was a no-brainer and everyone should do it. Now I own my electricity, instead of renting it, and my solar payments are the same or less than my former electric bill. It also added substantial equity to my home. A true Win-Win!

Pouria Paul Bidhendi explained that building in a more environmentally sustainable way means improving water and air quality, conserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, and substantially reducing waste. All of these benefits are combined to preserve the outdoor spaces we love and fight against global warming.

Pouria explained that homeowners who build green enjoy the benefits of superior comfort and health due to superior indoor air quality. They also help reduce strain on the infrastructure for local utilities. Pouria added that sustainable design increases efficiency while reducing negative impacts on occupant health. Green building can be implemented from the beginning design processes all the way through the finishing details.

Pouria Bidhendi added that eco-friendly construction can also reduce the amount of maintenance your home needs and lower operation costs as well. Green buildings are more energy-efficient, which means you cut the cost of your electric bill while pouring fewer pollutants into the environment.

"The efficiency of the materials used allows you to minimize waste while enjoying a home or business of superior construction quality," Pouria said. "Materials used in eco-friendly construction are designed to last longer while remaining recyclable and reusable."

Pouria Bidhendi finished by stating that the decision to build your home in a more environmentally-friendly manner is an easy one. You will benefit through your individual health and finances, and your surrounding community will benefit too. Most important, you'll be promoting a healthier Earth that future generations can enjoy just as much as we do.


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