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Day Trading the New Way in 2021

Monday, 01 March 2021 08:00 AM

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 1, 2021 / With the Futures trading industry becoming oversaturated with unrealistic examples and false promises of success, navigating these waters as a new trader can be extremely difficult. Thankfully this is all changing due to Gorilla Futures and their online community of day traders. It doesn't matter if you're a new trader looking to get into day trading futures or an experienced trader looking to find a new strategy, you will be able to find exactly what you need with Gorilla Futures.

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Their new approach to the futures trading industry is one we have yet to see. An approach that completely revolves around building a community of traders, for trades, built solely by traders. By using a community to help achieve your dreams and goals, traders are able to bounce ideas off each other, help traders who were once in their place and learn from traders who are currently finding success in the markets.

The Gorilla Futures team believes that it takes a community of people coming together helping each other to really become successful not only as a trader but in life as well.


Community members are given access to numerous perks and benefits. One of the most popular benefits for new and experienced traders is the Price Action guide, which consists of 26 modules. These modules include hours of in depth video content and hundreds of real world examples that walk traders through each and every aspect of the guide.

The team at Gorilla Futures believes in starting with a solid foundation and that is exactly the approach taken in the Price Action guide. Starting with the basics guarantees traders know how to set up their charts, how to find trends and much more. From there, traders move onto advanced topics such as how to spot trades, when to trade, when not to trade, identifying the three entry signals, finding YOUR own personal Risk / Reward ratio, dealing with your emotions while trading and many more important topics.

Need a little one-on-one help? The Gorilla Futures team has that handled as well! The Mentor Program includes everything mentioned above and an additional four one-on-one, hour long help sessions. These sessions are meant to provide members with the help they need and the results they want. Community members are able to go over anything they would like during these sessions from reviewing previous trades to focusing on problem areas, the sky's the limit!


Looking for even more benefits? Everyday starts out with a live morning analysis, Monday-Friday where traders are able to learn what is happening in the markets, address key levels and targets for the upcoming day and go over any trades taken from the previous day(s). During this time members are encouraged to ask questions and get the help they need before the New York open. These streams are then recorded and uploaded for members who were unable to attend or would like to go back and study how these levels are discovered.

On top of that there is a 24/7 community Discord Server where members are able to post questions and help each other grow, all while working towards their goals.

Every week starts off with a free YouTube video where traders can learn about whats going on in the markets to trades that have been taken and why they did or did not workout.

Each and every Wednesday a free blog is posted on the Gorilla Futures website, where the team talks about topics such as controlling emotions, the next big move in the futures market and many other trading related topics.

Need a little help getting prepared for the upcoming week? Be sure to take advantage of the free weekly analysis sent directly to your inbox, that goes over key levels and what to be looking for in the coming week(s).

At the end of the day the Gorilla Futures team is looking to bring quality, low cost, reliable and realistic information to new and experienced traders. That is why they believe in the one time subscription model where members will NEVER be charged for any updates or additions to their lifetime membership. Unlike many other programs that charge costly monthly fees and expensive yearly memberships.

From the hours and hours of free content, ranging from weekly YouTube videos to the weekly blog and the hours of exclusive member only information, the team behind the scenes guarantees you will find value and be welcomed into the community with open arms.

Stop searching for the next holy grail system and join the Gorilla Futures Family today!

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