Why Multi-Millionaires Have Trouble Dating
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Why Multi-Millionaires Have Trouble Dating

Friday, February 19, 2021 10:15 AM
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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2021 / Millionaires seem to have it all. Exotic cars, private jets, and the dating life that mirrors Leonardo DiCaprio. This seems so self-evident that it begs the question: why even write about it? Apparently, there's one man who is changing the entire landscape of dating for millionaires. He has not only challenged this idea but proven it completely wrong.

Jesse Jhaj is a self-made millionaire who co-founded Jumpcut - a startup backed by the legendary Y-Combinator who incubated unicorns like Airbnb, Dropbox, Instacart - and then went on to launch multiple 7 and 8-figure businesses. Flying in the face of all logic and rationale, he believes that wealthy men don't have it easy when it comes to dating.

Jesse Jhaj's $500k Hobby
Jesse became obsessed with solving the problems that existed in his dating life, which were primarily: a) that he couldn't seem to meet the "right" women, and b) even when he met them, he had no idea how to communicate with them.

He tried all the traditional "wealthy guy" approaches - hiring an expensive celebrity matchmaker in Los Angeles, becoming an influencer, throwing oceanfront Santa Monica mansion parties, going out to bars/clubs… and, according to Jesse, "none of it felt right or even worked well."

Apparently, he ended up spending upwards of $500,000 over a two-year period "trying every method imaginable." He even decided to bring on a co-founder as if this were a startup back at Y-Combinator, David Malka, whose logistics-focused brain made him over $5 Million in poker before founding Better Vacations, a vacation rental fund with over $250 Million in real estate assets around the world.

The two of them discovered that applying the concept of a "funnel" to dating was the greatest hack that they have ever experienced in their lives. "In marketing, a funnel describes the process a prospect goes through in the customer journey, all the way from the advertisement to the moment when they purchase. We kept asking ourselves what would happen if we treated online dating as a funnel."

And, so they did. Jesse and David hired comedians, writers, data analysts, photographers and consultants all to test and optimize every single step of their dating funnels - all in an attempt to crack the code to "dating for millionaires."

That's an expensive hobby to stumble upon, but to guys like Jhaj and Malka, it seems to have been worth it.

Millionaires Struggle More Than the Average Joe
According to Jesse, millionaires actually have all the same struggles that the average guy does - but with more stacked on top. That (frankly) seems unlikely at first blush. After all, self-made men surely have more confidence than the run of the mill Tinder bachelor. The success that came from building their empires would have to seep into their dating lives too.

But Jhaj says this is actually a misconception that society puts on the rich. Jhaj described the moment that he finally made it, "when my bank account had enough that I would never have to work another day in my life, I thought my dating life would completely change - only, nothing did."

Now that I think about it, it actually makes sense to me. Someone like Jesse has worked his entire life in "entrepreneur" mode - building his empire so that he never has to worry about money again. He not only never learned how to properly communicate with women, but he also had no idea how to meet them or date them. "I became obsessed with solving this," said Jhaj.

We've all seen the repercussions of what happens when wealthy men rush into relationships that aren't right for either party - they end up more than partners." They start to share everything… and because of that, according to Jesse, successful men can sometimes lose their entire empire.

In order to avoid any major repercussions, wealthy men and women need to learn to understand what toxic and positive behaviors are by "collecting as much data as possible - essentially, those who are inexperienced need to date as much as possible, take things slow and continue to learn what they like/don't like in partners with as much feedback as possible from mentors, coaches, therapists, and journaling."

It's not just Jesse. He claims he's learned this from his first-hand experience working with dozens of millionaire clients.

The Facade Has Been Lifted
The problems don't stop there, either. When a wealthy man doesn't know how to communicate with women properly, oftentimes his date will think to herself: "Wait, is this guy actually successful? If he were so successful, he wouldn't be this nervous and socially awkward." Again, the same problems, but amplified.

Jhaj says when he discussed this exact situation with other high-value women, they described it as "the facade felt like it had suddenly been lifted." While most wealthy men can communicate in a high-value fashion through text, they become needy and socially awkward because they have no social calibration in real life.

According to Jhaj, even the most successful man can be insecure when it comes to dating. This causes wealthy men to put up a facade when they meet women, pretending to be someone they're not. This only leads to problems down the road both for the man and his match. Paradise falls when the facade is lifted.

The key is to avoid the facade from the beginning, and instead learn what Jhaj calls "unicorn communication." This is part of the training Jhaj provides to his private clients and this methodology stands in clear contrast to the lackluster solutions that matchmakers or online courses provide. What's the downside? Well, for one, the training alone cost you more than a brand new Tesla.

Jhaj believes that no one should settle for their dating life, especially for successful men who already have everything else in their life together. "A lot of wealthy men just settle for the next woman they meet because they think the options are not there." Frankly, it's hard to believe that they don't have options. To be fair, that's a world I'm just not part of.

How It Gets Worse for Wealthy Men
To make matters worse, successful men typically hyper-focus on select areas of their lives - their work and health - and neglect necessary skills such as communicating with the high-value women. The result is a "mismatch" between the perception of what women think a successful man should be and the reality of the poor communication skills men have with women.

Jesse seems adamant that these are issues that millionaire men have. And he believes that the "online dating system" that he developed with Malka is the solution for millionaires to have a more fulfilling dating life. "Not only do we have the ultimate solution for matching with amazing, girlfriend-quality women online, but we teach our clients how to communicate confidently, genuinely, and from a mindset of abundance to project a high-value self."

So What is Really Behind the Curtain?
The Truffle Funnel, Jesse's private society that is dedicated to finding extremely rare arbitrage opportunities in dating, money and health, is based on what he calls "Unicorn Theory."

The theory is this: Just like the rare, mythical startup that hits the $1 Billion+ valuation, men who are successful in the core pillars of their lives are just as rare (hence the term "Unicorn").

Jhaj believes that even the wealthiest men on earth can have issues communicating effectively with women. This "gap" creates a disconnection between what a woman wants from the man and the subpar image that the man unconsciously projects.

Is It Really Worth It?
Jesse Jhaj's private clients are willing to shell out six-figures plus for his services. Initially, that seems like an unreasonable sum until you reflect on the cost of settling on the wrong partner. With a 50/50 shot doing just that, Jhaj's service almost acts as an insurance policy against not just financial loss, but a lifetime of settling. There's no reason for men who "have it all" to struggle to find a partner who "has it all" too. For now, Jhaj's services fall lightyears out of my budget… but who knows. If Bitcoin keeps going the way it's going maybe I'll be a millionaire suffering from dating fatigue too. I'll keep Jhaj's number in hand just in case.

Learn more about Jesse at trufflefunnel.com.

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