A Tropical Vacation in A Can? Meet The Founders Behind CoCo Vodka and Rum!
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A Tropical Vacation in A Can? Meet The Founders Behind CoCo Vodka and Rum!

Thursday, February 18, 2021 8:00 AM
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The NEW Escape Everyone Is Craving! Successful Entrepreneurs Mark Convery and Av Grewal Have Teamed Up to Create One of The Most Exciting New Beverages On The Market: CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2021 / The founders of Coco Vodka and Rum are changing the alcohol game with their revolutionary new drinks. Combining both real, natural coconut water, triple distilled Vodka or smooth white Rum, Enjoy Coco will have you feeling like you're drinking a tropical vacation in a can.

To learn more about Enjoy Coco and their products, visit their site: https://www.enjoycoco.com

Mark Convery is an accomplished Entrepreneur with 15+ years' experience founding and successfully running companies in Toronto and throughout North America, within the fields of Alcohol, Marketing, Sales, Web Design, Wholesale and E-Commerce. Mark's passion to succeed at whatever he does and a constant desire to create, has contributed to the ongoing drive behind all of his companies, including Enjoy Coco.

Like all good journeys, launching CoCo wasn't easy. However, with a ton of persistence and hard work, Mark and co-founder, Av, were able to get the product made in New York. And, despite Covid wreaking havoc on businesses (especially NEW businesses), they launched CoCo in the USA and Canada in July 2020.

Av Grewal is a lawyer by profession who received his education from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. When Av realized that he could make an enjoyable living as a purveyor of alcohol, he decided to put law to the side and pursue his entrepreneurial dream. Fueled by his passion, ambition and excitement for creating a drink that people will love, Av has made his passions a reality that led him from the predictable daily tasks of running a law office to an exciting life of entrepreneurship.

Av's 8 years of professional experience in the alcohol industry with additional 9 years of experience in the fields of direct sales, marketing, management, and administration provides him with excellent acuity to help run the operations. Av also owns and operates Spark Distribution, an alcohol distribution company in Alberta, Canada founded 3 years prior to the beginnings of CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum.

In 2018, CoCo Vodka found its start when Av Grewal and Mark Convery - a 15-plus year entrepreneur - partnered together. The tropical deliciousness of CoCo Vodka, and now CoCo Rum, enthusiastically promotes the fun, satisfying relaxation that you could previously only capture by flying to an island halfway around the world. In a world full of sugary, malt-based beverages, CoCo wanted to be different. That is why CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum are made with Real coconut water, and use real triple distilled vodka and premium white rum. CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum drinks are an exotic vacation in every can. The co-founders enjoy sharing a product that helps people create moments that are too often drowned out amidst the chaotic times everyone is experiencing. As the company website says, "Good things start with CoCo!" - a tagline embodying life and labor.

Since hitting the shelves in North America last summer, the company has expanded to 2 countries, 26 states and 3 provinces. Soon everyone in the US and Canada will be able to escape with CoCo. If you'd like to try out Coco Vodka or Rum, be sure to check out their website at: https://www.enjoycoco.com

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CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum
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