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Entrepreneur & Business Owner Jesse Willms Featured in Exclusive Interview with Business Matters

Tuesday, 16 February 2021 08:30 AM

Jesse Willms discussed his latest business venture, how he turns customers into raving fans, and more.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2021 / Jesse Willms, a prominent entrepreneur and business owner, has been featured in an exclusive interview with UK's leading business magazine Business Matters.

In the wide-ranging interview, Jesse Willms discussed the vision behind his latest business venture: a network of vehicle history websites that enable consumers - four million a month and counting - to examine the history of used cars, and identify whether any vehicles of interest have ever been in an accident, have any unresolved safety recalls, or have any liens. Consumers also have the opportunity to access authentic, bias-free reviews from other drivers on all aspects of various vehicles.

"Sometimes, the excitement of purchasing a car makes us ignore or overlook potential issues with it," shared Jesse Willms, who also has extensive experience in digital marketing and social media management. "Our free vehicle history reports help individuals understand what they are buying, so they can make confident and well-informed decisions."

The free reports that Jesse Willms refers to are populated by multiple data sets from sources like insurance companies, auction houses, police departments, and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Rather than trying to pull this information together, consumers get everything in a single, trusted and easy-to-understand package.

Further in the interview with Business Matters, Jesse Willms also discussed how his company turns customers into raving fans, what separates his company from the competition, and what he believes is the one major key to his company's success.

On cultivating raving fans, Jesse Willms commented: "The most obvious way we do this is by providing users with accurate information to ensure they are happy with their vehicle, and return when they need advice on their second or third purchase."

On what separates his company from the competition, Jesse Willms commented: "I think I've done a good job of building a culture based on innovation. As the owner, it's my responsibility to create a working environment that highlights the importance of teamwork and collaboration."

And on what fundamentally makes his company successful, Jesse Willms commented: "We invest a lot of time and energy into marketing, which is a big part of why we've been so successful."

When asked what advice he could give aspiring entrepreneurs, Jesse Willms offered some practical, yet profound guidance: think outside of the box, and avoid the temptation to copy what has already been done. He also encouraged new entrepreneurs to be resilient, and not be afraid of challenges and risks.

"If we all gave up at the first sign of failure, there might not be any entrepreneurs out there," reflected Jesse Willms. "The trick is being able to bounce back when something doesn't go your way. I have made many mistakes throughout my career, but I have never let them define me. Instead, I acknowledge that an error was made and try to learn from it."

The full text of Jesse Willms' interview with Business Matters, which explores many additional themes and topics from the highly successful entrepreneur's professional and personal life, is available on the official site.

About Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms is a prominent entrepreneur based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. As the owner of several vehicle history websites, Jesse Willms has amassed a wide range of professional experience. With over four million users worldwide, he remains a trusted industry source. Recognizing the importance of formal education, Jesse Willms recently launched his Academic Scholarship Program to help support students currently struggling to make tuition payments due to the pandemic. For more information on Jesse Willms please visit his official site here.

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Jesse Willms
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