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Imperium Group Exclusively Interviews Pat Mazza, An Expert Who Sheds Light on Growth in Tech

Thursday, 04 February 2021 04:05 PM

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 4, 2021 / The masses think of Amazon as an e-commerce company. That is obviously accurate.

Pat Mazza states, "However, what most don't know is that Amazon derives most of its profits from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Also, its move into online ads will create a new revenue stream for the company 2021 and beyond."

Mazza concludes, "I've worked at Microsoft for the better part of my 20's, however, if it comes to which company I expect to grow more the answer is this: AMZN has higher growth potential according to my extensive personal analysis. Admittedly, Amazon investors will have to pay more than double the forward valuation. Still, Amazon is dramatically surpassing its tech counterpart on profit growth. Moreover, Amazon benefits from a more diverse business. Indeed, it helped that the company's two primary revenue drivers, e-commerce and cloud computing, benefited from the pandemic. It could gain an increased advantage by potentially cutting into Facebook's ad business."

Mazza is a former tech executive at some of the world's largest technology companies and has seen some of these trends firsthand. He's watched as AWS has become a significant contributor in AI, database, serverless deployments, and machine learning. In addition, AWS has launched new features like the Graviton processor, which if it proves successful, can be an additional differentiator for Amazon in the war with Microsoft.

It goes without mention that AWS's annual run rate is close to $48 billion, and AWS provides the company's highest overall income contribution.

Pat Mazza is a renowned coach, speaker, author, and business strategist. Pat says in order to succeed you have to, "Do whatever it takes initially and ask your boss for more work. Do more than what is asked of you. Arrive an hour early, leave an hour later and be known for going above and beyond what is required of you."

Pat Mazza is a Canadian based life coach, and founder of Evolution Mentor. Pat has been studying personal growth material for over 20 years, and founded Evolution Mentor in 2015 with the sole purpose to help people achieve their personal and business goals faster than they've ever imagined.

Pat Mazza has worked for the likes of Google and Microsoft. He has acted as a consultant to more than 30 public companies and has been featured in major newspapers and magazines around the world. Pat Mazza has addressed thousands of people in numerous talks and seminars throughout the US, and Canada. His major long term goal is to bring the first NFL team to Canada.

Shazir Mucklai
Imperium Group

SOURCE: Imperium PR

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