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Nicholas Gerace Addresses Polarizing Topics Such as Homeschooling In His Personal Blog

Thursday, February 4, 2021 2:54 PM

Nicholas Gerace highlighted some of the vital skills and life lessons that are more achievable through homeschooling.

SARASOTA SPRINGS, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 4, 2021 / Impassioned about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Nicholas Gerace coaches this discipline to children and beginners, while also a master life coach, bodybuilding coach and nutritional expert, former AFAA personal trainer and retired Army Officer. As a firm believer in holistic health and Buddhist practitioner, he is an outspoken advocate of the connection between physical and spiritual energy.

Nicholas has reviewed a handful of the valuable talking points that are common in homeschooling, yet consistently neglected in typical schooling systems. All of these lessons inspire mindfulness and are critical to a child's future.


Implementing gardening into a homeschooling curriculum is incredibly helpful for a child's maturation and awareness, Nicholas Gerace says. Children are taught the responsibility of nurturing a plant, ensuring that it receives sufficient water and loads of sunshine. Gardening also stresses the importance of patience, as plants require time to grow into that picturesque finish that we initially conjure up in our minds. A child who engages in gardening discovers an abundance of health benefits, resulting from the fresh air, sunshine, and healthy eating habits. With regular time spent outdoors, children begin to understand the environmental issues plaguing our planet and it allows them to form a connection with the natural world.


Yoga sessions give children the opportunity to experience breathing exercises, stretching, and relaxation in a home setting, Nicholas Gerace states. These routines are largely beneficial, both psychologically and physiologically, as children are encouraged to focus on thematic concepts, such as peace, respect, gratitude, and healthy living. Through visual imagery and relaxation, children are empowered to quiet the mind and body. Additionally, yoga concentrates on activities that form relationships by practicing compassion, respect, and support with others. It is a wonderful foundation to establish for children because, as they grow up, they are capable of expanding on these ideas, creating a deeper awareness.

Mental Health

Most schools fail to integrate mental health into the curriculum, Nicholas Gerace confirms, but homeschooling can be a highly effective source of mental health education. After learning about the topic of depression, children may use mindfulness and meditation when feelings of sadness are encountered. By beginning these lessons at an early age, it eliminates the notion that mental illness is an unspeakable subject and instead sparks their motivation to comprehend its potential impact on an individual. Being compassionate and understanding, children become better equipped to express genuine empathy to those who suffer from mental health problems.


Schooling systems have a reputation for overlooking the creative side of a child, that special attribute which can produce magical thoughts. Although subjects like math and science might not seem to be the most ideal of creative outlets, truthfully, an astute teacher can stimulate children to think outside of the box in any circumstances. Unfortunately, the educational institutions and their guidelines often prevent these teachers from this process; however, homeschooling fosters a creative atmosphere throughout the day. Although academia is extremely vital, far too frequently, it falls substantially short of fostering and promoting creativity.


Teaching children to understand themselves to a greater extent, you allow them to discover their tendencies and adapt to various scenarios. Rather than forcing a child to learn in a specific manner, which the majority of educational institutions are guilty of, homeschooling modifies the approach to suit each student. Simply explaining why and how a child learns differently from the customary manner can produce a positive, helpful outcome. People who are increasingly self-aware tend to have a higher level of psychological health and a more favorable outlook on life.

Final Thoughts from Nicholas Gerace

Lastly, homeschooling teaches children the significance of resilience: the ability to respond and recover from problematic challenges. Life is filled with uncertainties and setbacks, but children can be better prepared for these experiences if they learn the power of resilience at a young age, says Nicholas Gerace. Protecting children from mistakes and the responsibility of responding constructively, you only hinder their growth. Whether it is unforeseen circumstances or a glaring error on the child's part, they need to realize how they can overcome these moments, particularly because it will make the next obstacle easier to overpower.


Nicholas Gerace
Life Coach
[email protected]

SOURCE: Nicholas Gerace

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