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Chirinos Mobile Fluids Is Making It Easier For Mechanic Shops And Mechanics In Houston To Obtain The Fluids They Need Whenever They Need Them

Thursday, 04 February 2021 09:05


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 4, 2021 / If you had to change your car's lubricant, would you trust any mechanic store and their supply? There are so many existing varieties of car fluids. Besides, not every mechanic has enough stock in their stores to be able to store large quantities of quality lubricants.

VIP-Media, Thursday, February 4, 2021, Press release picture

VIP-Media, Thursday, February 4, 2021, Press release picture

Miguelangel Chirinos and Moises Millan

Fortunately, there is the excellent service of Chirinos Mobile Fluids, a company that is causing a great impact on the way lubricants are distributed and sold to mechanic stores. With a combined experience of over 20 years in chemical manufacturing and large scale chemical sales, Miguelangel Chirinos and Moises Millan combined their strengths and knowledge to establish a mass-market business in Houston.

Chirinos Mobile Fluids has a traditional direct distribution sales channel, but they also came up with a unique way to sell fluids in the aftermarket segment using Mobile Stores that go daily to each mechanic shop on their assigned route to offer the consumable products customers need to get the job done.

"We have seen how traditional distribution methods have not been able to satisfy the tremendous dynamism of the day to day needs of the shops, and that forces shop owners to purchase products at static retail stores, overpaying and wasting time that could be spent in the shop. Because of this fact, we have combined our wholesale price point with a mobile store business model, which allows us to display and sell our products on the road to any of our customers in real-time. We sell the fluids they need, when they need them, in the quantities they need and at the price they can afford, with easy payment terms." Miguelangel Chirinos explains.

In February 2020, after two years in the business, they decided to take a step forward by officially opening their first Mobile Shop to offer a very efficient way to serve the very demanding operations of the mechanic shops. As of today, they have six Mobile Stores around the Houston metro area getting new customers every day on every route, growing in sales every month. They managed to reach $500,000 in sales revenue in 2020 and project to reach $2,000,000 million by 2021 with a proven market strategy that is perfectly scalable and profitable.

The work format that Chirinos Mobile Fluids has managed to establish in the lubricant sales market is completely innovative, given that normally the lubricant seller places an order to the factory and must wait for it to be shipped to the store so that the store can have the product.

On the contrary, Chirinos Mobile Fluids goes to where the car mechanic or store is and they are the ones who manufacture the lubricants. Imagine that the lubricant factory goes to wherever you are, whenever you need it and with whatever products you need.

"Part of our success so far has been our focus on being a customer-centric company with an exceptional ability to adapt to change." Miguelangel Chirinos shares.

Chirinos Mobile Fluids values customer service above all else. They move in relation to their customers and consumers, anticipating their needs and making them save energy time and money.

They anticipate the demand for a given product that may be required by a mechanic or car store saving the owners of those stores not only time but also money. In addition, the products fabricated by Chirinos Mobile Fluids are not only high quality but their prices are also quite affordable in relation to other brands of fluids.

Their next projects include achieving an even greater level of distribution and sales, not only in Houston but across the entire United States. They would like to grow into a franchise model.

"In 2021, we will bring our revenue to $2,000,000 with existing routes and establish the necessary procedures and systems to develop a franchise business model and be able to sell our 1st Franchise in 2022."

Chirinos Mobile Fluids has one mission and that is "to bring functional products that simplify your operations, address your needs and accelerate your performance directly to your front door."

FInd out more about Chirinos Mobile Fluids here.


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