NIWIX - Making Commodity Investment Easy via blockchain and DeFi
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NIWIX - Making Commodity Investment Easy via blockchain and DeFi

Thursday, January 28, 2021 5:15 PM
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Company Update

A revolutionary commodity tokenization platform powered by cutting-edge technology is making commodity investment part of everyone's lives.

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2021 / NIWIX is an independent company that integrates the commodity sector with the futuristic possibilities opened up by blockchain technology. Incorporated in April 2019, NIWIX has built close bonds with established commodity companies in a short space of time. NIWIX is also a shareholder of reputed resources and technology. These relationships are expected to serve as a solid foundation for the commodity-blockchain initiative.

The NIWIX business model

Institutional investors are the main investors and liquidity providers in the mining and commodity sectors currently. NIWIX aims to make the investment opportunities in the commodity market accessible for accredited individuals, qualified investors, and small businesses through tokenization.

NIWIX sells ownership certificates for nickel wires sealed in secure warehouse facilities, measured in meters at a price that is below the market price, to individuals. An Ethereum wallet is a prerequisite to the purchase. Ownership certificate for 3.5 meters of nickel wire, with a market value of more than €350, comes to users at just €100. Along with the certificate, they will receive 220 locked-up $NWX tokens. However, this is only possible during the first 3 months after the sale. After that, users have to purchase the certificate using $NWX tokens. The number of $NWX tokens required for the purchase will vary to maintain constant demand.

Use case:

Mr.John purchased a commodity ownership certificate for €5000. Given that 220 locked-up $NWX accompany each €100 purchase of the ownership certificate, this amounts to 11,000 $NWX. Over the next two years, these tokens will be credited to his wallet in equal amounts starting from the fourth month since the purchase. That is, for 21 months, 523.8 tokens will be credited to his wallet.

NIWIX sells its physical assets and aggressively re-invests them into undervalued companies in the commodity sector, generating a profit through market correction, which is then distributed to individual investors. The nickel wire ownership certificate has real legal value. In case of a default by NIWIX, owners can claim the commodity asset back.

$NWX tokens

$NWX is the Erc20 payment token on NIWIX.

It is the digital representation of the ownership certificate for nickel wire. The maximum number of $NWX is limited to 1,000,000,000. Among which, a total of 894,000,000 tokens are distributed to NIWIX certificate owners. The remaining 106,000,000 is saved to the reserve fund. $NWX tokens are allocated equally for the issue of diamond and nickel certificates.

The initial exchange price of $NWX is €1. They are unlocked gradually over a period of two years after the purchase of the ownership certificate. The ownership certificate is embedded into a smart contract that holds the $NWX tokens. As the tokens are unlocked, the smart contract makes changes to the commodity ownership certificate accordingly. It expires once all the accrued tokens are unlocked.

What to do with $NWX tokens?

Token holders can keep their tokens in their Ethereum wallet and use them to purchase other products and services launched by NIWIX. Or, they can sell their $NWX tokens on an exchange. Initially, they will be available on AZBIT, WBF, and MORCRYPTO. The company will list more exchanges on its platform as the project progresses. $NWX token holders can convert their tokens to other crypto tokens or fiat currency at the current price through these exchanges. They can also sell $NWX tokens to other buyers offline or use them on partner platforms.

Commodity Investment for Everyone

By combining blockchain technology with a real-world use case, NIWIX is creating an ecosystem where any investor - however big or small - can reap the exciting rewards (that can go to 120%) from investments in commodities. By tokenizing commodities, NIWIX is breaking traditional barriers to commodity trading and creating a novel avenue for all kinds of investors to enter and benefit from the fast-growing commodity market. With an initial investment amount of only €100, it is transforming commodity trading and allowing huge capital to flow into the sector by opening up the floodgates to a new, global pool of investors.

In order to give a worldwide possibility to invest into NIWIX, the $NWX token is listed on following exchanges: AZbit, morcrypto, WBF, koyn.

Niwix Ltd
Dubai, Fujariah - UAE
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